Silly Streamyx

Incase you’re wondering about my long and unusual absence from the cyber world, my Streamyx connection is down (yet again) and has been down for almost a week now.

Don’t get me started on how much i hate Streamyx.

Oh btw, i’m blogging from Bing! and if you follow my posts…the last time i was here i met Kenny Sia and guess what? He’s here again. What coincidence!

Till then, Happy Halloween!


Sinfully Baking Away

First and foremost, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim friends out there! If you balik kampung tanam jagung, i hope you’ve reached your destiny in one piece. And happy lemang-ing, rendang-ing and kuih lapis-ing.

Anyways, today I had this cravings to bake and cook. In one afternoon, i whipped up a Peachy No-Bake Cheesecake, a Cotton Cheesecake and a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheesed Frosting.

I’m posting now with the Carrot Cake still in the oven and the Peachy Cheesecake still chilling in the fridge. *crosses fingers for yummylicious cakes*

The Cotton Cheesecake came out fine, but not overwhelming and divine. It is however cottony and fluffy, but the cheesecake is too light for my likings.

The Rascal Furball

It’s been nearly 2 months since i’ve had a latest addition to the family in KL.


And her name is Pudgy…

Don’t ask me how the name came about…but in English, it means short and chubby. Suits her though.

When we first brought her home, you could carry her with just one hand…she was that tiny. But 2 months later, she’s grown twice the size weighing about 2kg now. She couldn’t go up the stairs, nor down, but eventually she learnt. Just up, because she still doesn’t know how to descend the steps.

Bouncing furball…

My sister got her toys to play with too…she has an Elmo and a Pooh which she absolutely adores. Recently, she has an addition of a squeaky chicken and a cushion-ish doggy bed courtesy of my parents.

Pudgy and Pooh Bear

She eats lying down…hind legs stretched out…

Pudgy eating

There was once, we were eating wine chicken, and my sister fed her the chicken skin. Guess what? The dog went absolutely drunk and intoxicated.

And yes, she loves to kiss me. Lesbo dog. She licks and chews hair too. Not to forget, she has Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD). Once, i brought her to My Place Apartment to visit Jo and gang, and she went all hyperactive. And they claimed that i fed her sugar :S

Anyways, check this out (=

That’s my sister there.

Both rascals 😉

Digressing, almost everyone is talking about the Singaporean guy who committed suicide by jumping in front of the MRT. That’s like, so fetch! Gone are the days where you jump down high-rise buildings. You can now jump in front of a moving train and be chopped into 3. What’s more, you make a bigger headline compared to jumping.

If you’re to commit suicide, how will you do it?

Movie of the Month: Oct ’06

Early this month, I went on a movie spree and caught a few good movies.

You, Me & Dupree, Little Man, Step Up, My Super X-Girlfriend, The Devil Wears Prada, World Trade Center, John Tucker Must Die, The Banquet, Save the Last Dance 2 and The Grudge 2. That’s about it i think.

Movie of the month: John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker Must Die

It’s a chick flick, a light romantic teen comedy, with hot guy and hot chicks of course. Perhaps it’s not worth it to pay RM10 to watch it on the big screen you can always get pirated CDs or download it but it’s a hearty comedy altogether. It’s about John Tucker, a high school Casanova being the dreams of nearly every school girl. Then, a bunch of his simultaneous girlfriends comes up with a scam to seek revenge. Oh btw, John Tucker didn’t die 🙂

Jesse Metcalfe

John Tucker(Jesse Metcalfe), also Jonathan from Desperate Housewives. Sizzling hawttt!

Worse movie of the month: Grudge 2

Grudge 2

Don’t ever waste your money on that movie. Probably the only thing worth watching is Edison Chen *drools* In the movie, the ghost is able to make the guy disappear leaving the clothes behind only. It’s like magic you know? Now you see it, now you don’t!

If you’re thinking of watching this movie because of Sarah Michelle Gellar, don’t bother. She plays a VERY minute role in this movie. After watching the Japanese versions: Ju-On, Ju-On: The Grudge, Ju-On: The Grudge 2 and the English version of The Grudge, there simply isn’t any scare factor left. You’ll be able to anticipate how the ghost appears, when the ghost appears and all. Disappointing, really.  

Edison Chen
Still, such an eye candy don’t you think?

The other movies i’ll recommend is The Banquet and The Devil Wears Prada.

Tip: Don’t watch World Trade Center without bringing tissues with you okay? It’s so so so sad. It’s sad even before the movie starts. But actually, the movie is really boring. 10 minutes into the movie, the 2 fireman is already in the stuck in the rubble. It’s sad because it’s based on a true story and i believe the memories of 9-11 is still within us. The re-enactment of the towers however, is fantastic. Perhaps United 93 is a better movie than World Trade Center.

p/s Don’t you think One Tree Hill is getting weirder and weirder?