Pooky Night – Trick or Treat?

You know everytime when your Streamyx gets all screwed up you call the Customer Hotline on 1300-88-9515?

Then you press 2 for English, 1 for TMNet Streamyx or Hotspot, 3 for Technical Department.

Then you wait and wait and wait somemore while the annoying music plays and they go “Sorry, all our agents are currently busy. Please wait while we try to connect you”


And when you finally get through, you verify yourself as though being interrogated, wait for another 3 minutes for them to check your account status, ask you what your problem is (again), tells you to do the troubleshoot and call back (again!).

Then when you call back (means repeating the whole process from the start), they’ll ask you to repeat all the troubleshoots you’ve done, put you on hold for 5 minutes while they do the report. They give you the number, and tell you it’ll take 2-3 working days.

A WEEK of working days have gone to past. And finally, after my dad called the Kuching number, they decided to get their asses here today.

Oh wait, before that, they called again to ask what’s the problem. So i told them, DSL light blinking.

Two guys came, stared at the blinking DSL lights for a good whole 5 minutes, and left.

Then some lady called and said “Hi, from Telekom here, your DSL light blinking ya? We will change your cable at the port here.”

Dash underscore dash -_-

Lo and behold, my internet is fixed!!!!! Duh. Silly Streamyx.

Anyways, Halloween!!

Since Ben @ momokzai dedicated me a post of evil clowns and ghostly pictures he drew on MSN, i’ve decided to dedicate something to him too.


Oops, wrong one.


This more like it (=

Ben ah, hope this cicak will be by your side to teman you forever and ever. Especially when you’re taking your usual late night showers at 2 or 3am. And it will always watch you by your so called adorable window in your bedroom. When you decide to draw momok pics again to scare me, it will make the ‘cluk-cluk-cluk’ sound.

Okay, enough of trick or treating. Series-ing time!

p/s Happy Birthday J-u-ohn!! One more year till you turn legal haha! Have a great one!


3 thoughts on “Pooky Night – Trick or Treat?

  1. yeah, I had the same streamyx prob too, had to call the kuching line and threaten them that my grandfather’s taib mahmud to get them to fix it. Which they did on a non-working day. it works.

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