Frostbites, the Swedish Way

Went out with a couple of friends last night…Ben, Kathy and Yi Jing(sp?) hehe…

Anyways, we decided to catch a movie at Star so since they had choir practice till 6.30pm, we decided to meet there after. So i reached there and there was no sign of them…walked around and i saw this:-

RM1 Karaoke
K-Box…Karaoke for only RM1!

And as you know, Star is always packed with lala-zai and lala-muis, people who just ‘lepak’ around…and omg. You HAVE to hear them sing! hahaha. I don’t know if you an even call it singing.

Anyways, met up with the rest after that, and then we went up to get tickets first. Since it was movie day (RM5 per ticket), the screening time was weird. So it was between Stormbreaker and Frostbite.

“David said Stormbreaker not that nice leh…”

“My friend said Frostbite quite nice…”

“Stormbreaker looks quite good leh…”

“You choose lah…”

“No, you choose!”

In the end, we chose…

The 9pm Frostbite!

So since we had almost 2 hours to kill, we decided to go grab dinner nearby. I forgot what the name of the place is called, but its directly opposite Star, the same row as Greenhill Corner…so you can’t miss it. It used to be Life Kopitiam but ever since it folded, it’s changed.

It was quite reasonable…a dish of your choice + stir-fried veg + soup + fruits + drink all for RM7.50 only. We ordered the butter chicken and black pepper chicken while Kathy had noodles.

Stir-fried veg
Notice how Ben’s veg(right) has all the stems while the other plate has lots of leaves. Haha!

Our dinner

We sat there for like and hour more berbual-bual kosong. Talking about teachers and what not too (=

Then it was time for Frostbite!

Or Frostbiten?

We went in…it was packed full of ppl. Then the movie started.

You see snow flakes…a corny romantic old song plays on the background.

You see momok language credits playing…

Then we started doubting if we’re in the correct cinema.

Then there was this word ‘Vampyr Design’

So we thought should be correct lah. Got Vampire and got Snow. Should be Frostbite right?

Then you see a couple of guys speaking German and there was German subtitles!

We were like….omg. Is the whole movie in German?

A few more minutes…and guess what? No, it’s not all in German.

The rest of it was in…


So the whole time we had to read BM/Chinese subtitles. To rub salt to the wound, there was a lot of white background so we couldn’t see the subtitles.

What a night. But the movie? Bloody hilarious. They added lots of funny scenes to it, but some pretty shocking ones too. It’s a vampire movie incase you didn’t already know. Well, the movie is okay but the ending totally sucks. It’s like no ending.


You can go watch it if you’ve got nothing to do. But since it’s only RM5, i suppose it’s quite okay.

Then later, Kathy, Yi Jing(sp?) and I left together while Ben left alone. In the car, Kathy started panicking cus she couldn’t find her parking ticket. We sms-ed Ben to see if he seen it. No reply. So we didn’t bother and paid RM15 for the loss of the ticket. haha. Such a rip off.

Then we called Ben again. The whole way home there was no reply. It wasn’t like him cus he would always reply your calls or msgs even though he’s driving. So we sent him msgs asking him to reply when he sees our msgs. Still no reply.

So where on earth did the momok-zai go to?

Reached home, at about 1am still no news from him.

2 am

3 am

No news.

He wasn’t online either. He’s ALWAYS online.

OMG. Kathy and I was like so frantic. Was calling him non stop.

And suddenly, my internet connection went haywired again so i couldn’t go online. So worried okay?

So it’s 8.3oam now, and his nick is online. So i suppose hes okay.



3 thoughts on “Frostbites, the Swedish Way

  1. Nathan: Aduh. SSShhhhHh. Don’t curse me.

    Ray: Hey there! You have a pretty impressive blog yourself! Hehe, yeah..lamomok was my schoolmate back when he was still in Kuching. And yeaps its his old add. Thanks for telling! Will change when i’m not feeling so lazy. (=

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