L4 (5/01/06 – 18/10/06)

College life is almost over. Or at least classes are officially over.

And so a majority of this year has been spent with a special group of people of which throughout the years, bonded to become friends and fused into a family.

Part of L4
Almost all of L4…a few missing ones.

We’re also one of a kind and notoriously infamous in Taylor’s. And when it comes to rojakness diversity, nobody can beat us. Diversed in every aspect.

Culturally, we have all kinds of blood. From Chinese to Malay to Indian to Portugese to Egyptian backgrounds.

Academically, we have people from different classes taking different subjects. You see, unlike other classes which stick together in all if not almost all subjects, we’re really ROJAK. During Psycho, some will take Malay. During Econs, some will take Accounting. During Maths, some people don’t take it. And then we have ‘guest’ classmates from other classes for e.g. G10 and H2 for certain subjects.

No matter how rojak we were, we got through this year as one…with plenty of laughter, sadness, anxiety and a few tantrums.

Another part of L4
Camwhoring in session (It’s what we do when teachers don’t come to class)

It’s very likely that we won’t see each other as a class anymore since we’re all seperated for exams(different venues)…

Even if that is so, this year has been a solid and good one. One worth cherishing and remembering. All the times we had…

Shaza being bullied. It’s a love-hate relationship ;p

Raven and Kenrick playing the finger game. Kids will always be kids (=

Chrisanne loves purple!
The obssessed-over-purple Chrisanne. Bored and tired in class. Who isn’t?

Jo the Carnivore
If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that we have very weird lunch hours. We often starve. To the point that some turn carnivorous and feed on others…

Vicki, Ashley, Pui Mun
See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil!

Sexy Red
There were days where we all decided to wear a certain color only. This was one of the ‘red’ days for Merdeka celebrations. Patriotic eh?

Moot Court
Camwhoring after one of those moot court session. Pretty bright future lawyers..hrm…

During ECA Day for the Music Club…thanks L4 for all the help and support you’ve given me.

Goodness know what i was doing. I think Jo took that picture. lol.

L4's Boy Band
(L-R) Cletus, Ian, Puong Xing, Eric. Don’t know what on earth they’re doing but looks like some boy band poster eh? Haha!

Cletus and his precious hair
Not forgetting, fashion! Cletus at ‘A Cut Above’. We decided to dye our hair purple and red together. Lol.

World Cup's Ais Kacang
Then there was the football fever during World Cup this year. Cletus, my sister and I would go out to Mamak stalls or sometimes 1-Utama to watch at the wee hours of the morning and suffer the next morning. Occasionally Min Ern and Eric would join us too. Placing bets and cheering till our throats couldn’t take it anymore.

Not to forget how no teachers could keep our class quiet(except during Legals), all the presentations we worked our asses off to do, the outings and lunches we had…the list goes on and on.

Thus, L4…

This ones for you.

All the good times and bad times we had…L4. Lasts 4ever.

 (Note: A special thanks to Ian for sending some of the pictures over specially for this post. Thanks!)

p/s To all SAM students, all the best for finals on Monday!


4 thoughts on “L4 (5/01/06 – 18/10/06)

  1. Impressive? I think that’s overrated, considering that I’ve not been updating regularly.

    Your college life seems rather interesting to me 🙂 I was trying to blog mine last night, but looks like I have to do it some other time.

    BTW, what’s lamomok? Never asked him that, hehe.

  2. Haha! Still on a hiatus eh?

    Hrm…college is rather interesting but not when it comes to all the work and stuff (=

    Lamomok? It all started in orchestra. A bunch of people…and momok=ghost. So Putting your surname together…Lam + momok = Lamomok!

    tsk tsk

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