The End of an Excursion

Throughout the whole college year in KL, I’ve been flying back to Kuching at least 10 times. And each time i’m back, i’m back for about a week. Hrm..not bad.

Flight Schedules
The list of flight schedules my dad wrote on the whiteboard in my room. Starting from April only though.

Everytime I’m back in Kuching, i wanna go back to KL. Everytime I’m in KL, i wanna go back home. I don’t think i’m the only one feeling this ‘outstation student dilemma’. But in conclusion, maybe it means that I don’t enjoy my life. haha.

My aunt or whosoever will say “Wah…lucky hor. Always get to come back.”

Then i’ll just fake give a huge smile and say “Yeah…”


Anyways, this will be the last time I’m flying back to KL. At least not for ‘educational’ purposes anymore. Yay! Next time I pay the polluted city a visit again, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya will not exist anymore.


One Tree Hill is not airing in the States today. Argh! And look at this!

Top Ten Shows

One Tree Hill has an average score of 9.0 only. Thrashed by Avatar? OMG. Incase you didn’t already know, Avatar is a freaking Nickelodeon cartoon show!

Oh yeah…you guys should watch Heroes. hehe. It’s like… Marvel superheroes + a twist – lameness. (=

And The O.C. is finally back. yay!

Okay, I’m a series fanatic. I know.

Eva said that i should open a VCD rental store. She’ll be my first customer but F.O.C. lols! Maybe i should consider it eh? Since i’ve already got a few ‘customers’. Eva, Jo, Ben, Krys. ;p

Teddy hug!
On a side note… thanks Eva, for the teddy hug! lol


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