Yet Another Train Suicidal Dude

About two weeks after the death of the guy who jumped in front of the Chinese Gardens MRT in Singapore, another dude decided to follow suit. This time at Clementi MRT, Singapore.

For goodness sake, what are they trying to do?

I’ll be down in Singapore this Nov 15th straight after my last paper(Psyc) which ends at 9am(starts at freaking 7am).

I don’t want to be haunted by any momoks at the stations.

Neither do i want to witness somebody fling themselves in front of any more trains.

MRT suicides


9 thoughts on “Yet Another Train Suicidal Dude

  1. Nah, gonna do about 2-3 entries today. It’s not the right way to blog, but since it’s a special day, I don’t care :þ

    Chanmomok’s gonna sound really weird. Oh well.

  2. 😀 Thanks for visiting again! Erm, he didn’t exactly expressed his lameness from his speech, but he sure made an impact from his speech. And the quotes, yea, quite a few quotes that he quoted on the night. Man, I wish I could make that kind of speech :þ Good luck with your exams ya..

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