Chock-Full of Chocs

So i turned 18 half a month ago but i didn’t feel the very much anticipated feeling of ‘being 18’. Why? Because:-

  • You can club here even if you’re not 18
  • You can purchase cigarattes here at most places even if you’re not 18

Heck, I’ve been into Genting Highland’s Casino when i was about 13 years old.

But anyways, Chrisanne gave me a belated surprise a few days ago so I was inspired to do this post. *Thanks girl!*



Hehe…that’s Cletus and Jack in front of the shop. I happened to have that picture so yeah, he’ll be introducing it today. (=

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”

Guess what the black background is ;p I’ll buy you pralines if you guess correctly… tsk tsk

Yeah, incase you didn’t already know, Leonidas are World Famous Belgium Chocolates. In KL, you can find Leonidas at Midvalley and at 1-Utama. I’ve tried their coffee-flavored one before, but nothing more than that.

And yes, it’s so exciting biting into each cus you don’t know what’s inside. (= I decided to check them out with their website, but they have really foreign names for their pralines so i can’t remember them.

The verdict?

Best pralines i’ve ever tasted.

It’s smooth and wickedly satisfying.

Yes, 100% Cocoa Butter indeed.

Prepare yourself for a taste of heaven (=

While on the topic of sinful chocolates, I was at Cold Storage @ Ikarno Power Center just last weekend when i saw that Cadbury and Nestle has come out with a whole new line of cool-looking, kid-attracting cutesy-fartsy chocolates.

Cadbury’s Magical Elves and Friends!

Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cookies!

My personal favourite, Cadbury’s Santa’s Stash! sooo cuteee

Nestle’s Walnut Whip!

Nestle’s Little Role(left) and X-mas Skittles(right)

Nestle’s Cars promotional chocolates.

And their tagline…”Perfect Gift for Kids”

I’m still a kid ain’t I?

Anybody gonna get me one? ;p


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