Not An Update

Something short,

-I’m still alive.

-I’ll be back soon.

Happy holidays to the rest of you!

p/s Updating my links.


5 thoughts on “Not An Update

  1. This title reminded me of my entry, “This is not an entry”. LOL.

    Nah, I’m not partying either. Busy sending friends off to airport and working my arse off. Sigh.

    Have a nice holiday though. They’re never enough, so let’s make full use of them.

  2. Ray:hahaha. Working eh? At least time passes faster then. hehe. And yeah, u enjoy ur hols too!

    Lamomok: hey hey hey! i baru balik 1 hour ago. lets meet up sometime soon okay??? And ohhh i updatING my links leh. haha. not yet reach till there. i will lah. dun worry (=

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