Movie of the Month: Nov ’06

Yet another backdated post.

List of movies watched in the month of November: The Prestige, The Covenant, Accepted, Death Note, Deja Vu, Happy Feet, Casino Royale, Boo, Colic and Material Girls.

Movie of the month: The Prestige

This is one kick ass movie. Deserves two thumbs up!

When i first heard that it was some ‘magic magic’ kind of movie, i didn’t expect much of it. But the twist of the movie was absolutely flawless and amazing. Amazing performances by Hugh Jackman and the rest of the gang, you’ve got to watch this movie!

I caught this one with my sister when it came out but having watched too many movies, we kind of knew the ending. ‘The hand’ was a big tip and if you put two and two together, you’ll get the whole thing.

For those of you who adores Scarlett Johansson, I must say her performance in this movie was quite stunning (=

A lil something for the guys (=

Worse movie of the month: Material Girls

This movie doesn’t even deserve to be showed on the screens. No, this is no chick flick.

Material Girls stars Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff. Having watched Hilary Duff in her other chick flicks like Cheaper by the Dozen, Raise Your Voice, Cinderella Story and others, this movie was a total fluke.

It wasn’t even funny, the plot was dead boring and it was pretty lame. If you’re a hugeeeeeeeeee fan of Hilary, then you might consider watching it. But you’ve got to be a drop dead fan of hers.

If you’re wondering what the storyline is, it’s about the Marchetta sisters(Duff sisters) being the heiress to a renowned cosmetic company which their late father owned and found. But there was this scandal saying that the cosmetic caused skin problems and so on, so overnight, they turned penniless. Yada yada yada.

Okay, it’s not even worth reviewing about.

If you’ve got some cash to spare, you might wanna watch Deja Vu. It’s also another great movie with a great plot and even greater acting (starring Denzel Washington). Caught it with my sis(again) on the first day it was out. Likewise, we could somehow predict the ending. Go watch more movies, and pretty soon you’ll feel like you’ve directed every movie there is :S

And the rest of the movies? Worth watching.

Watch Happy Feet for the cuteness and entertainment, Covenant for the extremely hot and cute guys *ahems*, Accepted for some cheap laughs, Death Note because its cool, Boo (2005 movie) and Colic to get some B-grade scares, and Casino Royale to continue the trend of watching every Bond movie. Oh, for Daniel Craig too. There’s something in his eyes that makes him damn appealing. heh. ;p

Speaking of Bond, I was in Vivo City, Singapore not long ago. It’s currently the biggest shopping centre in Singapore but thats another post to come. They had this Bond exhibition there.

It wasn’t any cheapo exhibition.

Right in the middle of the lobby…

was this darling.

All black and shiny and it was calling out for me.

DB9 Coupe. Sexy.

The Poker thingy.

There was a collection of Ian Flemming’s Bond books too which i er…forgot to take a picture of.

To add to my current list of Christmas wants, the sexy car. *drools*


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