Screw You! *updated*

This, folks, is my house.

More accurately, is the driveway of my house.

But don’t get me wrong. The purpose of this entry at 8am today isn’t to describe my house.

Look carefully. See anything ‘funny’?


Look at the walls towards the left.

Need a clearer image?

Screw you-who-did-this.

From outside.

Okay. the full story.

Last night at about 3am, I heard this loud screeching noise. With honks. But no BAM! It didn’t sound like it was from my front porch, so i didn’t bother. I mean, who could have thought that the walls of your house could be knocked down by some bloody wasted drunk idiot?

Then this morning, at about 6.30am, i walked out of my room to find my parents staring at the gate.

Bloody hell.

Having watched too many CSI, I decided to go out and investigate whats remain of the mess.

Broken headlights.

Remaining evidence there.

As you can see, the guy was smart enough to peel off his license plate number. And the GReddy is one of the manufacturers for performance parts, exhaust and so on. Some racer this bugger.

And to get someone to tow his car away at 3am in the morning, he must have had a number of contacts.


It’s some sort of sports car.

Which leads to another fact.

Bloody samseng kia.

Who else could have been speeding at the ungodly hours of the morning?

And you have to be pretty drunk to be able to go up the curb and hit the walls like that.

I mean, look at those pictures.

I sure hope that he lost his leg or something.

No, i’m not being mean.

Oh i need a lil advise on this one. Not that i expect any cuz its a tad bit uncommon. But, there’s no use reporting it right? Police here are so useless that if we report, we have to leave it like that for a few months. Insurance and all. Is there any way of hunting that bastard down?

p/s If you wanna rob my house, i suggest you do it within the next few hours. ;p Cuz my contractor’s on his way.


update: 10 minutes after posting this, a guy came into the house. Apparently, it’s that guy’s friend. Guess what? That guy is in the hospital and has broken ribs. They’re gonna pay back. Omg! There’s still some good in this world.

Okay, now i feel mean for cursing him. It’s okay if he doesn’t pay for the damage. At least he owns up.

And even if he didn’t own up, I found a new piece of evidence that could pin point us straight to him.

Parking offence ticket! Complete with his carplate number.

I’m not bothering to censor his carplate number in the picture though ;p

And what’s more, his carplate number is 9889, whereas one of my dad’s car is 8899. Should go buy 4-D eh?

I would have been a damn fine CSI, wouldn’t I? hehe


12 thoughts on “Screw You! *updated*

  1. omfg. it’s quite the funny. haha! poor bonzais or whatever u call the plant. Nice house though! I ain’t know whether to feel sorry for the guy or not. tskk

  2. “I sure hope that he lost his leg or something.

    No, i’m not being mean.”

    Contradictory sentences, LOL. Anyway, the fact that he got his friend to own up for him is probably because he realised that he didn’t remove all the ‘evidence’, thanks to the fine he got from the council.

    Then again, at least he owned up πŸ™‚

  3. Nathan & Ray: Lols. Now i’m feeing sorry for him. Apparently he’s been unconsious ever since the accident and is in the ICU. Broke 5 ribs, hand and don’t know what else.

    Also, some guys sent him to the hospital last night. BUT his wallet and all the documents has been robbed off him. Damn ironic. hehe.

    Been quite an eventful day…tsk tsk

  4. hehe. funny ur head ah. ur house oso u know. hrmph.

    oh..we made it to the Sin Chiew Jit Poh newspaper today. some kepo reporter passed by at 3am at night at took shots of it. Wah lau eh. The car red color one.

    Then today ppl start calling and ask if that’s our house. HAHA!

  5. *lol* He had an epiphany and realized the error of his ways while sitting miserably in hospital getting stitched! Sometimes people shock you, but this is a pleasant shock – him owning up.

  6. Munkey: Lol. It’s at Tabuan Jaya main road. hehe. If you spot a house with part of the walls newly done and w/o paint, it’s the one.

    Luxferi: I think so too. Haha. Was quite shock waking up in the morning to see a big big hole in front of your house. tsk tsk

    Oh btw, i followed the link from both ur nicks. And surprise surprise, I frequent your sites before this. haha

  7. Yeah, he must have known that he left quite a bit of evidence at the scene.. so he dared not just disappear..
    well, not all is lost. But its not an everyday thing having ur fence run down like that !!

  8. that dude was “smart” enough to peel off his number plate not smart enough to take the whole thing n run awwayyyy????!!!!

    still can see right? dumb ass.. wuahhahahahahaaa

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