Rexona No Sweat Bandkuest 2006

Preliminary rounds in Miri, Bintulu and Kuching has just ended and Grand Finals will be coming Sunday, 17/12/06.

With a whooping 60 bands from Kuching, the event lasted from 2pm till about 1am!

Anyway, I was part of the crew, and so this post will be a behind the scenes post. Partly cuz i don’t know what’s going on at the floor.

From behind the stage, Les Paul’s guys setting up equipments.

Day 1 : Saturday

We all met at Sarawak Tourism Complex. Supposedly at 11am, but yeah. As you can guess, everyone finally arrived at nearly 12pm. There were about 12 of us…and then Marlboro divided us to 2 groups. Ticketing, and stage crew. Was in the ticketing crew with (for lack of knowing their names or spelling) J, M, S, and Oswald (the only name i’m sure of the spelling). hehe.

Our first task? Buying lunch for the whole crew. They were a hilarious gang i tell you. All a little wrong in the head too. So we walked. From STC all the way to Upwell where we detoured to Parkson. Making fun of almost everyone we saw.

Then after lunch, we had to hand out 3000 flyers! We divided ourselves to 2 groups, and our group managed to finish first, putting one on each car (=

The other group on the other hand, had quite a misfotune. They got chased out of Star and Parkson. lol. Well, it was a great day getting to meet new people whom are just as insane as you are. Hrm…

The whackos ;p

 Day 2: Sunday

Preliminary Rounds in Kuching with a whooping 60 bands compared to only 20 in Bintulu and 24 in Miri.

I must tell you, some of the bands in Kuching have the most unique names. For e.g. “The Vegetables” err…can’t remember. The stage crew had a great time laughing at the list of band names. Haha, meaniesss ;p

Anyways, Kuching sure is small. There were a few people whom i knew competing, among them were David, drummer of A Skitzo’s Dictionary, Kenneth, drummer of Litbox, and Fauzi drummer of RIP. Nope, it’s not Rest in Peace, its Rage in Peace. (= Then there’s Sufian, band manager of 3 bands of which i can’t remember the names.

The same as Saturday, we met up at 11am, of which everyone arrived only at 12pm. Started barricading the place, and chasing people out of the place. Then at about 1pm, started tagging those who came, and I was in charge of band registration. Band members had red tags and audiences dan lain-lain had yellow tags.

Okay, by tagging, i mean using red tape and taping the whole wrist. haha. And some of them was like, “darah tak boleh alir” (blood cannot flow) Then Oswald kept saying “tanya boss lah!” (ask the boss lah).

Oh, then Clement from Evenstarr asked me if i was David’s sister. -_-” Seriously ironic. haha. And that time, David wasn’t even there yet.

The event was scheduled to start at 2pm, but it started raining then. So everyone had to squish squash at the back till the rain stopped. So with about a 45 minutes delay, the event still continued with great support from the audience. At 6.30pm, only about 21 bands had performed. Nutz~

View of the stage from where i was standing…

Eventually, they were going to postpone all bands from number 40-60 to Friday. But because of the great enthusiasm from the crowd and complains from some bands, they went ahead till all 60 was done. ‘No Sweat’ yea?

Marlboro. Funny guy.

Anyway, Kuchingtes are a really friendly bunch of people. That i can say. Oh, and whackos too.

p/s Congrats to KenJJ’s band Litbox for winning last night. And all the other bands who made it to the finals. Good luck for this coming Sunday guys!


8 thoughts on “Rexona No Sweat Bandkuest 2006

  1. bluey: haha. u can buy it that day…or u can go buy two bottles of 40ml rexona from any participating outlets.

    Ray: *Gasps!* You’re not? Oopss, my bad! Where u from then? hehe..

    Robin: Ooh..cyaz there then. haha. Yeah. I think his chances of winning is quite high… (=

  2. Hahaha. GOOD. Now that you know I’m evil, you’re forgiven. Now I’m an angel 😀 And don’t have to apologise until like that la, it’s alright, really 🙂 Btw, I couldn’t find your email address anywhere in your blog. Maybe I missed it? If you don’t mind, I just wanted to be kaypo so that I can read the previous posts. LOL. Have a good day 🙂

  3. Angel? Hrm…i’ll have to think that one through. tsk tsk.

    Thanks for making me realise that! I’ve just added the contacts page up there. hahaha.

    You have a good day too, angel.

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