Of Eragon and Lord of the Rings

So I went and watched the premiere of Eragon earlier on, and throughout the 1 hour 40 minutes show, I can’t help but feel like it’s a deja vu of Lord of the Rings.

Don’t get me wrong though, i absolutely heart the movie. Especially the dragon, Saphira. Now i want a pet dragon too! i feel even prouder to be born in the year of the dragon (=

For those of you who didn’t know, Eragon is a trilogy written by Chistopher Paolini. LOTR on the other hand is also a trilogy but written by JRR Tolkein. See?

Similarity number 1.

Eragon was published in the year 2003, the very year LOTR released it’s last part of the trilogy to the wide screens across the world. Most likely, Mr Paolini here got his inspiration from the movie. Hey hey, one can only do to speculate.

The posters.

Similarity number 2.

Saphira the dragon and Eragon of Eragon

Nazgul and Frodo of LOTR

Similarity number 3.

Then, like LOTR has Sauron the evil head and his equally evil side kick Saruman, so does Eragon. In Eragon, King Galbotorix plays the evil King of Alagaesia, and he has his equally evil puppet sidekick Durza.

Similarity number 4.

Durza of Eragon

Saruman of LOTR

Okay, maybe he looks more like Grima Wormtongue of LOTR instead.

Like every movie, there’s some romance in it. So like how LOTR has Arwen, Eragon has Arya. Both elves too!

Similarity number 5.

Arya of Eragon

Arwen of LOTR

Okay, there’s a lot more to this. It’s not just the characters, but its the settings and everything else. Even the Uruk-hais from LOTR and the beasts from Eragon look so alike. Then there’s the swords. In LOTR there was the sword which Elrond ‘repaired’ for Aragorn. In Eragon, Eragon was given a sword named Zar’roc.

So maybe you’re telling me, “It’s just a coincidence. The story do take place in almost the same era. And after all, it is a fantasy. There’s bound to be dragons.”

Before you’re gonna say that, let me remind you I’m not critisizing the movie nor am I saying Mr Paolini is a copycat. I’m just conveying my thoughts and how deja vu it is to watch this movie.

And I DO recommend you to go watch this movie. It has a little bit of everything in it. Humour, action, romance, and whatever else you want.

Edward Speelers(Eragon) certainly did a good job considering this was his first movie. He’s heading the right way and I’m sure he’ll be famous one day. Rachel Weisz(voice of Saphira) and John Malkovich(King Galbatorix) both did their parts as well.

Okay, enough. Go watch!

And i quote from Eragon,

That’s the spirit…
One part brave,
Three parts fool.

10 thoughts on “Of Eragon and Lord of the Rings

  1. bluemonster: aiyayayaiii. me no movie freakkk :S well, u should. its not a bad movie if u like lotr, hp, narnia and stuff like that…

    lexi: of course i do. tsk tsk. thanks for dropping by!!

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but,…I’m sure that Eragon was written way before the movie LOTR came out, so if there’s any correlation, i think it’s just pre-conceived ideas. I stand to be corrected.

    • LOTR was published in 1954, and the Hobbit was published in 1937. Regardless of the fact that Paolini wrote Eragon before the LOTR movies came out, LOTR is still much much older. It’s really quite obvious that Eragon is a rip-off when you read both series.

  3. haha…i read over the net that its written after. Since LOTR was also written ages ago. anyways, the author was some 15 yr old boy when he first wrote it. so i guess that explains all the fantasy and dragons 😛

  4. Eragon is actually a four part series and not a triiology as orginally intended.

    And it is a very good book indeed. I find it much better than LOTR. I havent seen the movie myself, but the book is too good on its own. A movie would only ruin it IMO.

  5. you know, the Weta workshop built and designed the creatures and armor for both movies…I think. That would explain similarities between the creatures and armor in both movies.

    Of course, the Eragon movie was totally lame compared to the book so….yeah. The books are fun to read, and I enjoy it better than LOTR but I think that’s because they are written differently.

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