Girls Can’t Drive?

Everytime when you or somebody else drives, and you come across this other dude which:-

  • drives like a tortoise
  • doesn’t use the signal
  • goes the wrong way

or so on…

One will often curse and say “Oh, for sure is cha boh(girl) one.”


And what’s even worse, when you go for driving lessons, driving instructors here charge about RM50-RM100 more for the women!

Talk about sexism man.

Me: Ai, isn’t it sexist for them to charge girls more?
Dad: Because girls stupid bah…


Okay, he was just kidding…but…yes yes! If you’re a guy reading this, i’m sure somewhere in your little heart you’re thinking the same too.

Hey, even if we girls are to be discriminated, we’d like it to be done with style.

  • We use high heels. Why, you ask? Because you guys want us to look good for you. And some guys simply has got a fetish for heels. :S
  • We ask for directions. Hence, we drive slow if we don’t know where we’re going. We don’t drive to Hell and back before we ask for directions. Okay, i maybe stereotyping this one ;p
  • We have a lot on our minds. Thus we lose concentration. While you guys worry about getting bread onto the table each night, we, in addition to that have to worry about our looks, whether or not you’re cheating on us *ahem*, the rascals kids at home, and so much more.

Okay…thats all i can think of now. Head isnt working too well.

Anyways, next time you’re on the road, give us some sympathy will you? And I’m pretty sure there’s some guys out there who drives just as bad as we ladies do.



9 thoughts on “Girls Can’t Drive?

  1. So you admit women are worse drivers :).

    However, while women get into more accidents than men, it is men who die more than women by a stretch when they do get involved in an accident.

    So consider yourself lucky. Also, if you want to survive, don’t let your boyfriend drive you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Ian: After re-reading the post, i realise im contradicting myself :S tsk tsk

    And yeah, i’ll consider bout not letting my bf drive me. But chances are he wont stand a minute in the car if i’m driving. i think lah… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Ray: hohoho…the mind works wonders when its overworked ;p

  3. yerdehhhhh. what kind of sister are u? aiyayayaiii. not like u lah. haha. where got long tiang one. u go long piak ah. havnt yet lah…got stupid 6 hours workshop to go thru somemore. but my instructor cut it short for me to 3 hours *gasp*

  4. sporting kind of sister lar!!! i pity the instructor…. coz i “know” how he feel. u’d better buy pampers for him/her… scared he/she lau jiou while teaching hahahahahahahaha!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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