Flyers 101

 I only managed to fall asleep at about 6am last night this morning and then woke up at 12pm. I am officially called a panda. @_@

Ben drew me…and this is what I look like to him. -_-”

What’s more, all my friends agrees -_-“”””””

Woke up and saw Marlboro’s message saying that there’s meeting at 3pm in the afternoon. You know how you don’t feel hungry when you just wake up? So I skipped lunch and went to the gym. Oh, i sprained my left arm cuz smart me tried to grab the crowbar with only one arm while answering the phone.

And theres this lady who uses perfume when she goes to work out. Imagine, sweat-infused-perfume. *inhales*

After that I rushed over to the Old Courthouse aka Sarawak Tourism Complex for the meeting. As usual, everybody was kind of late.

Anyways, the meeting was a waste of time for the bands didn’t turn out so good. Out of 60 bands, only about 6 bands turned up. And it was like a 5 minutes meeting for the band. And as crew members, we thought we could leave too. But noooo.

Marlboro showed us to a whole stack of flyers AGAIN. Refer to last week’s post if you don’t know what I’m talking about. 2000 flyers this time. *faints* It was about 4-ish and it was freaking hot. We were desperate to finish the job. A group of 6 this time, 3 guys and 3 girls, we were a little smarter.

If any of you come across this odd job next time, here are some tips. Some friendly advice from someone who’s been there and done that. 😛

  • Don’t leave straight away. Hang around till your boss is gone.
  • Make paper aeroplanes with it while waiting (away from the boss though).
  • Walk away from the place where you were given the flyers (meeting point).
  • On the way, place a stack of 10s in every dustbin you see.
  • Only give flyers to those people who look at you with the “wtf are you doing” stare.
  • Place stacks of 30s in those motorcycle ‘baskets’ (the components in front).
  • Sit down at a coffee shop and lepak.
  • Leave another stack of flyers at the coffee shop table before you leave.
  • Walk back to the meeting point, repeating step number 4 and 6 again.
  • If you have any remaining, your car boot will be the most ideal place to stash them.

 2000 flyers done just like that! And guess what? You don’t have to feel so guilty either.

Then at about 6pm we dropped by Travillion cuz Lim Kok Wing has something on there tonight and they were setting stuff up. Straight after, Gena dropped me at SONS and i had to wait for my dad to bring me my viola. It felt so weird sitting there without any instrument. haha.

Rant alert:

And SONS was a horrible terrible vegetable time for me tonight. Because Ben the momokzai and Eva didn’t turn up, my partner was no other that the-guy-with-the-same-name-and-surname as lamomok. *lamomok, when u get back here and u’re reading this, i havn’t forgiven u for quitting!!* Anyways, this guy L, nobody likes to sit with him. And today, his bow was spoilt, the hair all fell off. So he asked me if i had an extra bow, so i lent him. Then right, this L, is a bit blind i think. Oh wait, I’m sure. Yes, he’s a bit blind. So he kept moving closer and closer to me and the stand was practically right in front of him!!!! So i moved further and further till cannot see dy. Then hor, he keep putting his my bow on his lap, and it kept scratching my viola. And hor, he kept moving nearer and nearer. And hor, he kept brushing his hair and all the dandruff happily falls out. WAISEH! Blardy hell.

After SONS, went out and had breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one meal. Wasn’t so hungry either.

I’m tired…..

And tomorrow I have the 6 hour workshop at 10am but gotta be there by 8am. Apparently my instructor has got some connections and says he can get me out by 12pm. Even so, gotta be at STC by 12.30pm for band sound checks and other random stuff.

All the way till 9pm (IF it does end at 9pm).

Somebody, help me!

p/s In my last Bandkuest post, i stated that it ended at 1am. It actually ended at 3am. Yikes!


8 thoughts on “Flyers 101

  1. Lol…yeah, can’t wait till it’s over. But the experience and all is rewarding no doubt.

    SONS stands for Simfoni Orkestra Negeri Sarawak…or Sarawak Symphony Orchestra. (=

  2. so cute the xiao sung mao! relli like you o..kolien u with the flyers and orchestra guy. :X hope your arm heals then can go play tennis!

  3. bluey: hehe…yeah i know! when hor? always raining, cannot play..hehe.

    d3vil: evil you. pudgy gonna eat you tonight.

    robin: wakakaka. i was going to. but then again i wasn’t so sure. 😛 i was the one doing bands registration when you came in, and err…during the prize giving ceremony, i was the one passing the trophies to silas. lol. next time next timee tsk tsk

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