Grand Finals : Part 1

Note: Kelam-kabut and disorientated entry. Too tired to think.  

I’m gonna divide this entry into two parts because 1, i’m exhausted and 2, i’m waiting for dudes and dudettes to send me pictures (=

I want that mock cheque! Except not in mock form lah…;p

Anyway, i mentioned that i have this 6 hour workshop thingy this morning right? Well, i got ready at 7am, waited all the way till almost 9am…and when the instructor came, he mentioned it’ll end only at about 1pm. So? Cancel lah. Postponed to next week. -_-“” Had to be at STC at 12.30pm…

 Pictures and others will come in Part 2.

Anyways, list of odd jobs i had to do today:-

  • Fold 100 pcs of program booklet (actually it’s just a sheet of paper folded into two)
  • Cut the voting slips…510 of them
  • Do band registration (taping, writing, checking, and…smiling! Cannot put on black face in front of public bah…)
  • Arrange judge’s table (arrange drinks, marking sheet, pen, booklet and chairs)
  • Help Silas present trophies and mock checque
  • Help Silas photograph random/candid pictures
  • And horror of all horrors, cleaning up! (futsal way)

It’s been about 12 hours and i’m so so so so tired.

Been a fun and rewarding experience though, meeting new people, knowing new things. And most of all, meeting my blog readers! Yes!

I was doing the ticketing, when suddenly, 2 girls came up and asked…”Who’s Sandra?”

Yikes!! Scare me lah…it’s not everyday when this happens. Not knowing what i did wrong or something, i silly-ly put up my hand. As if i’m in class. -_-”

Little did i know, they told me that they read my blog. Plus, they’re from the band ‘The Vegetables’ who sadly didn’t make it to the finals. No doubt, they were good too. So, Fitria and Tina, if you’re reading this, i’d shout out to you guys now! hehe Thanks for the help you gave today, and I’m looking forward to seeing all those pictures we took today. hehe. Thanks lots!

Anyways, halfway through the competition, some crew members found out that some cars parked directly opposite STC has been smashed. And, Jay’s car was one of them. Poor girl.. She had a black empty bag at the back and they thought it was a laptop of something. Yikes…

So, you must be curious to know who won?

Something for everyone.

Well, sadly it wasn’t KenJJ‘s band…it was MunkeyKat. But no less, KenJJ’s band Litbox was the 1st runner up. Both bands were amazing, MunkeyKat won because their supporters bought 100s of tickets and therefore voted for them, but they had good guitar effects. Litbox on the other hand was great overall and their vocalist was really good.

Silas of Evenstarr with all the bands in a press conference.

Well, congrats to all finalists anyway, you all did a fantastic job. Sad to say, I only caught MunkeyKat, Litbox and Evenstarr’s performance.  The rest of the time I was facing err..the road. Yeah, literally. haha.

It’ll end here today, more to come tomorrow or some other day.


7 thoughts on “Grand Finals : Part 1

  1. hei Sandra. All da while i was wondering hu is tiz? hehe.. i did notice u look soo scared as if i was going to kill u or sumthing.. but then on 2nd thought when i kept thinking2 about it over and over again. it was funny and i shud really take dat picture of ur face.. soo cute u look soo innocent.. we were just going to tell u we read ur blog thats all. nothing more.. nevermind.. and anyway just saying welcome and thank you to u too..i’ll wait till u post the 2nd part ok?. and i think maybe next time u shud display ur pic or sumthing was wondering hus the author and dunworry.. u haf a cute baby face..stay cool.
    -peace out-

  2. bluey: yalah u. who ask u to bummed to go. yeeha.

    tina: oohh hey!! lol…i didnt expect it hehe. actually there is a picture in the ‘author’ page and its about the only picture i put up. haha and it was nice meeting u peeps! cyaz around…perhaps the next bandkuest? lol.

  3. i like gary of evenstarr….. he is so cocky tapi agik juak sik mampu hidup rockstar hari ya aku nangga nya mbak keta bapak pegi show evenstarr i wonder ada sik nya bayar minyak… mun aku ada anak kedak ya konpem aku abortion straight and aku menyalahkan tuhan pasal nya nang gay,,….

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