Grand Finals: Part 2

Note: All photos which looks like its taken from a digi cam, is stolen grabbed. All photos which looks like it’s taken from a camera phone, is taken by me with my orange baby.

So, after a battle of 103 bands all over Sarawak, only 11 10 made it to the finals (FAKE from Miri couldnt make it due to work reasons and other unforseen circumstances).

All eyeing for this trophy and the title of ‘Champion’…not forgetting the RM2000

With 5 from Kuching, 3 from Bintulu and 2 from Miri, the battle of the bands began on the 17th of December, 2006 @ 5pm 6pm.

Considering it’s the rainy season, lady luck was on our side for the whole evening! Scheduled to end at 9pm, the event dragged on till about 10pm, but as part of the crew, we had to stay back till about 11pm plus. -_-”

It was a great night of rock music, ups and downs, laughter, head banging and ass shaking and so much more. The 10 bands did a fantastic job, but there were a few which truly shine among the rest. And the judges and the crowd recognised talent, and thus secured them a place in the top three.

Third out of 103 bands was a group from Bintulu, and they were no other than ‘Masterpiece’.

Second in place was no other than ‘Litbox’, and the drummer of ‘Litbox’ was a guy that needs no introduction, KenJJ.

‘Libox’ receiving their trophy and well-deserved applause from audience. Photo courtesy of Fitria.

And the title of ‘Champion’ and winner of the RM2000 went to ‘MunkeyKat’.

A cute female vocalist and good guitar effects, it was no wonder that the crowd supported them. You see, votes from audience count as 30%. However, something happened which made them win the title. Curious? Ask around, most people who attended the gig that night will know.

Champions for the night, a band which was different from the others. *Smile, group, smile! We’re famous now!*
Photo courtesy of Robin.

*After surfing blog entries regarding Bandkuest 2006 and others, i find that everyone spells their band name differently. There’s MonkeyCat, Monkey Cat, MunkeyCat, MunkeyKat, MonkeyKat, and goodness knows what else…*

As for ‘Litbox’, their guitarist’s string broke halfway through their performance on stage, and they continued playing. Now, that’s showmanship.

But all’s done, and i think all 3 bands deserve their titles, and yes…Kudos to all of you guys!

Evenstarr doing sound checks.

Evenstarr is a well-known local band and their recent dubut includes the song Patah which is dedicated to the White Ribbon Campaign : men working to end men’s violence against women. Their new album entitled Ruang di Antara, literally meaning the space between will be out early next year.

Evenstarr’s Patah video on Youtube

And of course, they were one of the guest bands to perform at this year’s Bandkuest. In addition, vocalist Silas is the organiser of Bandkuest. Alongside them, other guest bands includes Seven Days After, Funny Rabbits and others which i can’t remember their names :S

Now, behind-the-scene scenes. 😛

My orange baby being bullied by J. She thinks that my phone has to be tagged to enter too :S Photo courtesy of Fitria.


That’s only like 3% of the rubbish left over by the audience that night *ahem ahem*. Cigaratte butts, drinks (unfinished ones!!), bottles, pens, matches, lighters, junk food leftovers, bags, and worse of all…kuaci skins!!!

There wasn’t any broom or anything, so what did the crew use? Legs ala futsal way. Ngaiti. Disgusting okay? We started kicking all the rubbish into piles, then had to search high and low for plastic bags to put our hands in and put the rubbish into rubbish bags. Eeewwww.

Lesson learnt: Don’t litter everywhere next time, those that pick after you will suffer like hell.

The mock cheque.

Okay, there’s a story behind that picture.

When Silas passed me his camera to go around snapping random pictures, i saw those 3 people with the cheque. After registering 58 bands (assuming 5 in one band—> an average of 290 people), everyone looked almost alike.

And the mummy and daddy in that picture were the ones to purchase LOTS of tickets just to support and vote for MunkeyKat. So okaylah, i thought hrm…mummy daddy and proud member of MunkeyKat. Why not snap them?

So i wanted to ask in Chinese..”Excuse me, can i take a picture of you with the cheque?” (I am freaking banana, and my Chinese is like crap, so instead, i said..”Dui bu chi (Excuse me)”..and started pointing back and forth at the camera and the cheque. They understood!

They were very damn proud and happy to pose be in the picture for me, but not without giving me that “Huh? Why us?” face.

And when i came home and read posts and saw pictures of MunkeyKat performing, i realised….OMG! That guy in there isn’t even part of MunkeyKat!

No wonder lah…


Anyways, that’s about all. You can read more about the Bandkuest and their point of views from these people:-


10 thoughts on “Grand Finals: Part 2

  1. ohooo! malu-fying! hahaaaa. i’m sorry i missed alll the fun! And i lurv Evenstarr! i lup them! One out of few bands we can be proud of!

  2. eeeeekkk… photo stolen !!! aahahhahaa
    it was quite a fun night though… and thanks for the links. I still dont know how to spell the monyet kucing correctly… oh well…

  3. Ray: hehe…make me no face lah..tsk tsk. thank god chances are i’ll never see them again.

    bluey: dont remind me! )= I agree, they certainly do raise the standards of local indie bands hehe.

    Robin: lol..sorryyyyy and thankss haha. 😛 npz, hehe. and yeah, i have no idea what the correct spelling is too. but i think its munkeykat on the registration list :S

  4. lol.. orange baby.. haha..didnt knw ur not gud in mendarin.. bu hao ee she.. btw.. is der going 2 b another bandkuest next year?.. cant wait to join again.. tiz year is much2 better than last year.. whopee

  5. wei… results out already never tell me one? isk isk isk… can sms me ah? how did ho, shirley, mr.trees do? btw, when is mr.trees coming back? alex is using his bed as a scratching pole already…

  6. Tina: lol..yeah, i’m very banana. understand better than i speak. hehe. but even if i speak, sounds really funny (=

    err next year ah? that i cannot answer u. hehe. have no idea.

    d3vil: oredi ah! who say no. u never reply me leh :S mr trees? not sure oh. next yr loh haha.

  7. Hi Sandra, thanks for your support and kind assistance at bandkuest …. you and the rest of the crew were magnificent. i’m thinking of doing a barbeque hor just to celebrate together …. anyway, i’d like to shed some light on the munkeykat issue … the votes and all …. firstly, if voting were removed from the the scoring, the results would be 1st Munkeykat, 2nd Masterpiece and 3rd Litbox. I’m highlighting this because many bloggers seem to think that the champs won because of their high vote count …. it is the high vote count actually that helped LITBOX clinch second place for Masterpiece were a much tighter band …. LITBOX’s main asset? MR Salleh of course, best vocals IMHO …..

  8. hey!

    npz at pleasure. hehe. And yeah, Litbox cleared that already. Munkeykat was good too..hehe…and was quite rare cuz erm..almost all of them were Chinese. hehe.

    Anyways, thanks for having us too! You did a great job in pulling off the whole event. Looking forward to ur next one (=

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