Dog in Lala Land



Remember me?

I’ve grown so much since I was last blogged about here.

And just like my owner other dogs, i love to sleep.

But i’m so much cuter than other dogs! *woof*

My doggy bed mummy and daddy bought for me…but I only use it when it’s cold

But sometimes if it’s cold i also sleep in the bed with che che…so cuddly worr woof!

And if sometimes my che che(s) fall asleep, i will cuddle with the big bear bear

That is when the che che(s) forgot to put me down onto the floor lah. I scared to jump down from the bed bah.Then if they put me down and leave me down there all by myself…i get bored and find something to chew loh.

Yum yum charger!

So plastically delicious! Keeps me chewing for hours and best of all, it changes flavour when it reaches the red part inside.

But of course lah, they will scold me. I just put on my cute cute puppy dog eyes and lie down on the floor with my legs up, they won’t scold me anymore. ^_^

If they get angry at me too long(very seldom cuz i too cute!), then i have to sleep on the floor loh. No pillow, so have to make use of the table stand as pillow..

Not comfortable!

Then sometimes they pity me, so give me used pillow to sleep on…

Not comfortable also!

But better than nothing…

Sometimes Astro gets too boring till i fall asleep watching TV/surfing channels.

Oh, have i mentioned that i’m adorable?

Too cute till i always get treated like a princess.

Then right, i always cannot sleep in peace. Always have to camwhore when i sleep. That two lah, never leave me alone. People sleep also keep taking pictures. Make me have to act cute when i sleep.

You see? Close up somemore! Can see my nosetrils ah!

Oh yah…my tongue always roll out. Don’t know why. Che che says it’s because my mouth too short. What rubbish! The big rotweiller ko ko next door hor, the mouth looks so long leh!

Once, the big che che sneaked brought me to the hotel where mummy and daddy were staying during their short visit here. I think it was called Royal Bintang Damansara. I not sure because i was hidden in the bag. Cannot see anything oh! *grrr*

Not doggy bag! Microsoft bag pack!

How did i get there hor?

By car lah of course!

Those snowmans look sooooo tempting

Since it’s almost Christmas hor, i wish you people Merry Christmas ya?

Give me a high-five before you go!

*Woof woof*

I woof you all!

Note: Che che = sister in hokkien, Ko ko = brother in hokkien.


8 thoughts on “Dog in Lala Land

  1. san! tennis? esok lah..sik hujan kamek 3 pergi, ngan mr gayman. heh.. dapat ka? macam puko 10…

    kaki bengkak o…tapi mau pergi

    oh ya, furball tu comel!

  2. hi, came across your blog by accident. Ive been reading your posts, its really interesting. Cute dog you have!

    Btw, where are you from, may i ask?

  3. d3vil: of cuz lah. rascal bah.

    lexi: hey! esok ah? sik dapat lah..sik ada transport…dad pakey bah, mum tak dapat send aku jua. kau ngan gayman? aiyayayaii. tentu hujan yaks. kaki bengkak jgn pergi menghiaw lah. 😛

    sanoli: hey there. thanks lots 😛 its just smth i do when i’ve got nothing to do. Im from Kuching, Malaysia. and u?

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