Five Colored Hair

My Windows Media Player was on shuffle earlier today, and it played Mcfly’s Five Colors In Her Hair.

It hit me that i have five colors in my hair!

Well, literally yes, but when you look at it it doesn’t look like a rainbow so colorful.

You see, i was born with brown hair. Don’t ask me why, or how, cuz everywhere i go, people will always ask me this few questions:-

  1. “Pure Chinese kah?” Then when you say yes, they still continue on. “Dad Chinese?” Yes. “Mum also?” Yes. Both sides parents pure Chinese?” Yes.
  2. “You ang moh ah?” No.
  3. Ever since i could remember, they will also ask “You dye your hair ah?” No.


And what’s more, it wasnt just brown, it had golden streaks in it, as if i highlighted it.

So, studying in SM Lodge for my whole life, i always got into trouble simply because they thought i dyed/highlighted my hair! Even Mr Gerald Lee once stopped me at the corridors and asked me to dye back to black. Aiyayayaiiii. When i became a prefect in the later years, i had to reprimand others for doing so while making them think that i myself dye my hair!

Anyways, thats 2 colors. Original brown, original golden streaks.

Then earlier this year in KL, i highlighted my hair with streaks of golden-brown which was quite wrong, because i ended up looking like…

Harimau betina

Well, 3 colors then!

Few months ago, Cletus and I went and highlighted our hair red and purple. Which of course didn’t look like a lot of difference…but yeah it was there.

Grand total: 5!


7 thoughts on “Five Colored Hair

  1. hi Sandra! Nice hair you got there. From
    Malaysia? I’ll go visit there one day. Heard it’s a nice place. I’m Uzbekistan, near Russia. Is Kuching near Kuala Lumpur?

  2. harimau betina!!! rofl. what happened to ur straight hair? oh, i thought it’s straight now? now that u mentioned, i remember it being curly once, and straight again the last time i met you. me confused ^^

  3. Sanoli: Thankss (= Yea, M’sia’s not a bad country but theres always the pros and cons to smth. Uzbek? My viola teachers from there! hehe. Kuching’s about a 1 hr 45 mins flight from KL. Near yet far…if u do come here one day, i’ll bring u around hehe

    bluey: roarrr. hair hia? curled lah. but then if i want it to be straight for sum function or smth i just comb it straight after i wash it loh. if i want it curly then just towel dry and let it be. it has a mind of its own (=

  4. San, wanna go jamming sometime soon? The rest is back already, let’s go lepak lah. Up to you what you want, sax atau elec violin pun boleh. Call me k? ;p

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