Gabriel’s Eighteen Plus One Day

Note: No clear or good quality photos for this post because i wasn’t in the mood of taking anymore photographs after a long night and i havn’t gotten the rest of the photos from the others (=  

I was going to name this post “The Night That Wasn’t” but after second thoughts, i decided against it because it was quite an eventful night after all. If you look at it another way.

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday Gabriel! *woot woot*

You’re a year older now, and one year wiser i hope ;p

So, Gabriel is this friend of mine which i’ve known since Kindy. That’s *counts fingers* 15 years now! His birthday fell on the 22nd of December, which coincided with the Winter Solstice Festival/Dong Zhi/Tang Yuen/Soh Yi Day, so he decided to celebrate it tonight last night…1 day late.

Since i couldn’t make it to his actual dinner, i went and meet up with them after the dinner. Lepaking is a tradition. You can’t just go back after dinner. It just isn’t right.

So, the first place we had in mind was Bing! Met them there, but the place was full. Real full. In addition, there were like 10+ of us.

We decided to move. After half an hour of debating where to next (Hilton’s Senso, Hilton’s Chino, Cofffee Bean, Scorpions and lots of other places were considered), we headed of to Tao. Oh, not before debating on how to get there too.

Dilemmas. Where to go? How to go? Should we even go?

Half of the lazy arses drove there, while the other half walked. Yeah, somebody said “Tao is just across the road!” Your head ah. Somemore is was drizzling. -_-”


Anyway, guess what? Tao was darn full too. Met other x-lodgians, x-St Josephians and the place was just full of people. Yikesss.

Then another half hour was spend debating on where to go again. -_-”

Half went off to Scorpions to chill to ah beng’s music, and another half went to Links. Links is this new establishment right on top of Civic Center where Kenny Sia had his 24th Birthday Bash.


We had 3 kids underaged dudes in our group, and we had ppl not properly attired, so when we were there, we debated again on whether to go up.

So what did we do at Links?

We just sat there, and camwhored.

Camwhoring break

About 15 of us, i think.

No, the place wasn’t full. It was in fact very empty.

Christopher, Bernie, Edine and I went up to check the place out. And down we went again.

Then after that half of us went home while the other half decided to go bum at Jo’s house.

What a night!

Well, it was a good night of fun, experiences, exploring town and meeting old friends again, but we never did what we intended to do. Which was to sit down, have a drink and talk rubbish.

L-R : Christopher, Kiong Kong, Gabriel. Joanne below.

I needed a picture of the birthday boy to blog. So i was like…

me: Gabriel, can i take a picture of you? Please?
him: Okay, but not alone. *grabs Joanne*
Joanne: I’m so honoured. The chosen one!

Then suddenly the other two jumped into the picture. I could have sworn when i snapped the picture and saw it, the other 2 heads weren’t in it. But when i came home, there they were!! :S

Anyways Gabe, hope you had a great time today.

We’ll definitely catch up again before you go back to Curtin, Miri on the 7th! This time with a fixed place and maybe go one step further and make a reservation at Bing! haha… ;p


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