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I havn’t been to the bitches beaches yet since i came back so this morning i changed my personal message in MSN to “trip to Damai next week, anyone?” and after 5 minutes i got 3 offers. woo hoo! Off to Damai next week!

Okay…side tracking. Back to the highlight of the entry (=

One fine morning, i decided to follow my parents and uncle to Serian. Serian is this town about 20-30 minutes drive from Kuching City depending on traffic and well, they went there for one reason only.

By the roadside at Serian

Behold, the king of fruits…


I myself don’t eat durians. But i don’t run away from it either. Unlike some people, they simply can’t stand the smell of it. But those who eat it, they simply love the fruit so much and get so addicted to it. -_-” I used to like it when i was younger, but i simply grew out of it. Oh, durians are also a Fear Factor thing. So yeah, it’s a love-hate relationship.

In town, just one durian costs between RM5-RM20. Depending on the availibility/season of it though. This year, durians are abundant so the price is cheaper. Just last week in Satok, they had this ‘eat all you can durians’ for only RM10 per person.

Now, don’t ask me how i know so much about durians. I’m living with durian addicts ;p

So the reason to travel so far to Serian when you can get durians in town?

Because they’re even cheaper there!

Method used for carrying durians out from the jungle

That basket full of durians is really really heavy! I tried to carry it but simply couldn’t lift it. Imagine carrying about 15 durians (= It’s quite a pity actually for those who have to track the jungles and bring those durians out to sell. Especially this year when the durians are almost worthless because there’s too many of them…they simply don’t make much out of selling them.

Fresh fresh durians sold by the roadside

They hardly sell it individually there. Most of them go by bulks of 14-20 durians. Prices vary, and you must know how to negotiate with them.

Amount of durians my parents bought

Amount of durians my uncle bought

That’s 4 bulks altogether. And guess how much it was?

A bulk of 15 costs RM25. Thats RM1.666666667 for one ;p

Anyways, when you’ve made the effort to go all the way up there already, you should stop by the market. The sell all kinds of stuff there.

Everything you need

Local olives

Dabai or also known as local olives are harvested by the natives and usually sold in the native markets. The one shown on top are local ones, but the best are still from Sibu. Black skin, yellowish flesh and diamond shaped seeds. Again, it’s a love-hate thing because some people just don’t like it. But yeah, it has all the goodness in it because then again, it is olives after all. What’s more, the seeds can be eaten but you need to crack it open with a nutcracker or something.

How to eat it?

  1. Wash it thoroughly.
  2. Put it in a bowl and pour boiling water over it then cover the bowl (make sure each olive is covered by water)
  3. Wait for 10-15 minutes or until soft, then drain.
  4. Sprinkle with salt or black soy sauce and leave it to season (2 hours or overnight)

Ready to be eaten! Also, after step 4, you can fry it with garlic, lots of chilli and even more salt. Some people like it this way and eat is as a condiment for porridge.

Oh, make sure you park you car in a proper parking space when you’re at the market. Because the place was infested by people, we decided to follow everyone else and parked by the road.

As a result…


So no use also lah the durians so cheap. In the end gotta pay extra cash for this. Tsk tsk…

Okay, excuse me now as i go hide in my bed while the creatures people of my household feed on those thorny fruits. I have a feeling i’ll be dining alone for the next few days while they eat durians for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. -_-”

Durians, anyone?

p/s Ben, you can io ka chn’g come here and take liulian (=


6 thoughts on “Somewhere Further

  1. omfg. so many durians! i can smell them from my house! tonight xmas eve u can have durian feast at ur house. durian buffet! tak apa lah, i teman u eat dinner for 1 week then!

  2. merry christmas san!!!!! santa will kidnap you tonight instead. hehe. i called you seribu kali but no get thru. ada recif ku punya smses ka?

  3. ben: hahah!!! nvm! the more u io the smaller it is mah! tsk tsk tsk

    bluey: dun lah say till like tat! hahaha. u say one o! cannot just teman, must belanja oso. haha.

    lexi: hey hey hey! thanks byk byk! same to you too! i’ll be waiting for santa then! no ah, i tried calling u too, but din get thru…smses just came in, about 2.5 hours late haha.

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