Tis’ the Season to be Jolly

Merry Christmas everyone!

Okay, this is getting a bit redundant because those exact words can be found on top and on the right hand side of this page ;p

Anyways, Christmas was good afterall.

Went out for Christmas dinner with my parents at Tao Seafood, and later on proceeded to Tao for a round of drinks (= A very Tao-Tao night tonight.

Came back at about 11.30pm, and went out again with Ben till 2-ish in the morning.

I think he’ll blog about the night, because i’m super uber tired to do so hehe. But it was a fun night no doubt, and we launched our own ‘explore Kuching – 25/12/06’ campaign. haha!

Well, Kuching is really small, with no place to go. Bing and Tao is easilly full. Travillion is packed with clubbing people. That leaves….?

Oh yeah. Sms-es and calls tonight were all lagging…. )=

So, every year i always get wu liao sms-es…this year’s award of the most wu liao sms greeting is:

Jingle Pau! Jingle Pau!
Jingle Cha Siew Pau!
Lin Yoong Pau, Tau Sa Pau,
Siew Mai, Loh Mai Kai…Hey!



9 thoughts on “Tis’ the Season to be Jolly

  1. to everyone above: Thanks, and Merry Christmas too!

    eve: it has been a jolly one. haha.

    nathan: you go and hohoho ur pau lah. 😛 yeaps, definitely. catch up with ya sumtime soon.

    Ray: This Santa has got no sweets or presents to fill up ur stockings with (=

    Tze Kern: no they didnt..)= i’m so sad. i think he got lost halfway or maybe he didn’t fit into my fake chimney. heh. and yeah, i love it! thanks sooo much!

  2. OMG I have the same problem!! There was one who really stood out who added me and didn’t talk to me for one year. And then:

    Her: HOO ARE YOU??
    Me: (thinking what nice English she employs) Well, I suppose I should be asking you that first as you’re the one who added me.
    Me: *sighs* (another one) *blocks her*

    And there was another who was plain annoying:

    Her/Him (couldn’t tell the gender): (just started the convo with this) OmGOmGoMGoMGomGOMgoMGoMGoMGoMG LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOlolOLololol (Agh, I hate sticky caps =_=)
    Me: Erm, may I ask, who’s this?
    Her/Him: LoLOlOlOlOloL You’re like, the biggest nerd ever!! (I got lazy to type in sticky caps btw)
    Me: Errrrr…. thanks?
    Her/Him: LoLolOloLOlOlOlolOlOl I SO pwn j00!!
    Me: *sweats* *blocks*


    Anyway, I’m late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY BOXING DAY!

  3. Hahaha! Yeahh i noticed! I was wondering if something was wrong with wordpress ;p its okay tho…

    Well, thank goodness theres comething called ‘blocking’. hehe.

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