Who Are You?

You know sometimes when somebody adds you on msn…and you don’t know who they are?

People with weird email addresses not giving you a clue at all who they are. For example, iamcute@hotmail.com, or helovesme@gmail.com or iamstupid@youarereallystupid.com okay..you get the gist of it.

In addition to the weird addresses, they have weird nicks too. If you have email addresses like that, i can understand. Cuz maybe you created the address 10 years ago and didn’t bother to change it then. BUT. Their nicks!

(R)RainBoW LoVe(R) or BarbiE & KeN 4eVa!!


So since they added you, you think…okay lah. Just accept, later on you’ll ask them who they are.

But then, you don’t really bother to ask at all. They are the ones who added you in the first place, so let them make the first move!

Then one fine day,

XYZ: hi
me: hey
XYZ: who are you?
me: u added me. i should be the one asking you…
XYZ: really? so whats your name?
me: what’s yours?

GrrrrRrr! So annoying can? Then when it goes on and on, they will say something like.. “oh…i added you from some forward email” or something like that. Can die dot com.

 Worse of all, most of these idiots people are kids. KIDS.

Below 13.

What are they doing roaming the cyberworld like that? Where’s parental discretion?

Wahahaha. Okay i’m ranting rubbish.

But really lah. They piss me off so much.

Kids, let me tell you something. Having a total of 999 friends in your MSN is pointless and useless if they’re not even your friends!

This goes the same for Friendster and others alike.

Ish ish ish.

p/s All email addresses and nicks are made up. If anyone has the same address/nick its purely coincidental. I didn’t mean to mock you. Or maybe I did.

Cheers! 😀


10 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Ray: Kids will always be kids. hehe. I sure will. you do the same too! (=

    Lexxxxx: Yalah. love-hate relationship. hehe. no lah, ku suka jua. tonight? can’t lah. i gotta be a good girl and teman parents out. oh, this wed i can’t go out with u peeps too. so sorry! gotta perform for sum wedding lah. :S

  2. S RazhdestvOm, moya mIlaya! Meaning, Merry Christmas my dear!

    A very merry Christmas to you from Russia! Keep up with the good work here. Keep it alive n kicking!

  3. Hmmmm I certainly heard quite a bit of similar complains lately, but interestingly… I dun get those much myself… probably happened only once or twice, from long ago….
    but as random as it was… I managed to keep constant contact and actually made friends with those random people !

  4. Sanoli: Thank you so much! I tried pronouncing it..but i went all…goo goo gaga. ;p

    Robin: Haha you’re one lucky man! random people make good friends haha, but somehow i don’t ‘bond’ with the kids lol. maybe its just my luck. (=

  5. A little late Sandy, but Merry Christmas to you! And Happy Boxing Day too!

    Jamming this Thursday k? about 3pm? I’ll pick you up from wherever you are if u can lah.

    See yahz`

  6. Hey Sean, awake at 3am? haha.

    Thanks btw, and it’s not too late (=

    This Thursday’s fine with me. Where ah? And no need to trouble you lah, i think i can get there by myself if its at 3 hheh. Got gig coming up ka?

  7. Most prolly at Lex’s house. And naw, its okay. Ill pick you up lah. Gentleman should never trouble the lady. warghaa! Got gig, but not sure when. discuss this thurs i tink.

  8. Ooh. Okie then.

    Gentleman?? UeekK. You peeps always bully me lehhh. Only girl in the group somemore…-_-” Ok lah, since u insist, i’ll be at home…3 sharp! haha ;p

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