Strikingly Odd

If you’ve noticed, I lighten on the pictures in my recent entries because some people tell me that it takes blardy long to load. And I’ve changed the number of posts per page from 10 to 8. Hope it helps 😀

Anyways, I was chatting with Nathan earlier on, and we were debating on which one of us was weirder. I lost the debate, and as a result, he made me post 40 weird/unique things about myself. Why 40? Because he likes the number 40. Aiyayayayaiii!

You know the ‘5 weird things about myself’ meme which has been going around few months ago? This is 8 times worse!


Okay, so here goes nothing…

  1. I used to be able to sleep with sound/lights on. But now, I sleep only with sound. I usually let a movie or my window media player run. That is IF i sleep.
  2. IF i sleep, i gotta hug a bolster/pillow/bear. It makes me feel safe -_-“
  3. IF i sleep, i usually sleep on one side, not facing up or down…with one hand under the pillow.
  4. All the IFs because i’m insomniac.
  5. I cannot stand dirty plates! My plate will be extra clean with no signs of sauce or whatsoever. People eating with me can vouch for my weird habit. They always question me how my plate can be so clean!
  6. I cook. I bake. No kidding ;p
  7. I prefer cereals at night instead of as breakfast.
  8. I love the smell of fresh cut grass!

  9. Moo Moo Cow loves grass too!

  10. Rain at night (especially heavy ones) make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And add a slow instrumental music with it…woohoo!
  11. The sound of waves crashing makes me calm.
  12. I have mood swings in taste of music. I can hate a song one day and fall in love with it the next…vice versa. Oh, i listen to all kinds of music too.
  13. I am awfully quiet in front of people i don’t really know and be a chatterbox when hanging out with friends.
  14. I have split personalities. One online, one offline. Beware… ;p
  15. I am absolutely addicted to the Internet. I can’t live without it.
  16. I cannot survive without typing “haha” “hehe” “lol” “(=” when chatting.
  17. Recently, I became addicted to coffee. At least a cup a day, need not be in the morning.
  18. I have a thing for soft toys. Not Barbie Dolls mind you. I’ve never had one before. I mean those cute softies. (= The bigger the better!

  19. Freaking huge bear my parents bought for me in Singapore

  20. 50% 90% of my wardrobe is black.
  21. Kids tend to like me. Don’t ask me why. And i’m serious. Ask my close friends hehe.
  22. My hair is originally brown with golden streaks. And yes, I’m chinese.
  23. I love like Santa.
  24. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Beats Chinese New Year and angpaus anytime.
  25. I play more than 5 instruments.
  26. I heart watching horror movies. And i laugh a lot when i watch them. But i get really really freak out when i come back home and think about it.
  27. I don’t dare to watch horror movies at home. Only in cinemas.
  28. I am a movie freak. I aim to watch every movie in cinema. Oh, series too.
  29. I cry get tearful when watching movies. Even if it’s not sad at all that sad.
  30. I went for Mandarin tuition for 4 years and yet I’m still a banana.
  31. People say that my handwriting is nice because i write ‘a‘ exactly like this. Not the normal way. But in actual fact, my handwriting is like shyt not that nice.
  32. I’m not afraid of heights. But I’m afraid of heights when I’m in glass lifts(the one where you can look out e.g., Civic Center).
  33. I am hopeless in making decisions. Where to go? What to do? What present to get?
  34. I wish people Happy Birthday at 12am sharp before and after. For example, if your birthday falls on the 15th of October, i’ll wish you at 12am 15/10 and 11.59pm 15/10. At least i try to. That way i’ll be the first and the last (= Only if you’re quite close to me lah.
  35. I still sometimes watch Barney and Friends.
  36. I get influenced by other’s language easily. For e.g., Ben’s io ka ch’ng language, Lex’s local malay dialect, and others.
  37. I like taking things apart especially when I’m bored.

  38. The thing you hang on your phone…

  39. I type my smileys (= instead of the usual =)
  40. I hate doctors…
  41. Which leads to me having an ingrown toe nail which lasted for 2 and a half years!! I didnt want to go pull my whole nail out ;p
  42. Claustrophobic! I have to take aisle seats on the plane, bus. classrooms, wherever i go…
  43. Er…I’m weird enough for doing this entry. (=

Okay, now you have to tell me something weird about yourself. Leave it in the comments, anonymous will do too, or leave me a pm on MSN. (=

Since i’m real nice, just ONE will do 😀


15 thoughts on “Strikingly Odd

  1. Erm, well, I love the smell of new leather? XD

    Well, I know I’m weird, but I guess I’m normal enough to know that I’m weird lol Then again, someone define “normal” for me XDD

    50% 90% of my wardrobe is black.”
    You do seem to wear black a lot. Nvm, black is good! ^^

    “I went for Mandarin tuition for 4 years and yet I’m still a banana.”
    I went for Mandarin tuition for at least 9 years and I’m still a banana >_

  2. I think I’m totally weird because I just cant seem to think of anything that is weird about me, although I know that I am weird. Makes sense? :S Great, that makes me weirder now.

  3. yerdeh! i bet Lex’s weird thing is that he likes guys HAHAHA…hhaha..HA! jk lex. don’t kill me on thursday 😀
    1 weird thing bout me huh. i can’t get out of the bed immediately after i wake up. i toss for a bit first. now don’t you laugh at me1. and dont ya worry. i’ll be there 3 sharp. not a second early/late!

  4. Lex: ini chaboh not gila. u baru gila. plane food??? ewwww. :S

    Ray: yes yes yes!! you are weird indeed! hahahaha~ i knew u were weird, but i didnt know u were THAT weird 😛

    Sean: lmao! he will smash ur head with his guitar. nyaks nyaks nyaks. piggy (=

    eh btw ah, 3pm jam. apa hal we leave house 3pm hor? should be earlier kan? Lol!

  5. Hi hi, nah..i wont say interesting. I re-read what i’ve typed and realised i’m damn weird indeed. haha.

    Petrol stations?? 😯 it makes me dizzy and sick… 😆

  6. huhuhuhu…you really did it..good girl! you weirdOo. i’m not weird so i don’t have anything to say. ahaks! wanna argue who’s more crazy now? lolness

  7. alex: aiyayayayaii! i didn’t know! what colors ah?

    nathan: aiyerrrr. as if ah u not weird. i gave u face that day bah thats why. wakaka. and no lah. no need argue whos crazier cuz i know who’s crazier. YOU! 😈

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