The Curse of the Chrysanthemum

The quake is seriously affecting me. No internet=no life! Like Ben put it, if not internet, everynight go out lah! Anyways, Pops, Mops and I decided to go catch a late night movie. It was between Night at the Museum and Curse of the Golden Flower(Man Cheng Jin Dai Huang Jin Jia), so we opted for the latter.

*The former would have been a better choice. Trust me.*

The Golden Flower is actually the Chrysanthemum. A story with many devious motives, it’s mainly about greed and love, set during the Tang Dynasty. If you’ve watched The Banquet(Ye Yan), this is damn right similar to it.

Directed by Zhang Yimou, i must say that this movie is a superb improvement from Hero(Ying Xiong) and House of the Flying Daggers(Shi Mian Mai Fu). But it’s no where near being a superb movie.

Chow Yun Fatt and Gong Li was fantastic though. Both carried their evil roles pretty well, and Jay Chou on the other hand…wasn’t as bad as i thought he’d be. It was a little odd seeing him fight with broad sword and spears all dressed in armour suits and shields. It just wasn’t….right.

But still, the 2 hours movie felt really long and it got quite draggy in a few scenes. After Yimou took a break to study Opera, i think his movies became poetic too. Hrmm…

The one thing i liked about the movie? The soundtrack. Jay Chou’s Golden Flowerbed moved me 😉

Spoilers ahead…

The movie had twists here and there…but it wasn’t the kind of twist like in Deja Vu or something. It doesn’t make you go *Gasps!!!!* And the whole movie simply falls apart in the last 15 minutes or so.

You see, the Empress(Gong Li) plots against the Emperor(Chow) but the Emperor himself had a plan. Emperor wins, but all his heirs died. The youngest killed the going-to-be Crown Prince, and the only remaining heir left(Jay) killed himself. Yet on the other hand, the Emperor was feeding the Empress poisoned medicine for nearly 2 months, and the Empress herself knew it all this while.

So in the end, only the Emperor and Empress was left. No heir to the throne. But they never showed what happened to both of them. So you’ve gotta assume that the Empress died from all the poison she took, but what happens to the Emperor?

And there’s this thing where every 2 hours is the Hour of some animal. You know the 12 animals in the Lunar Calendar? Then they will bang the gong and some gay guy will annouce what Hour it is. It irritates me after a while. -_-”

Oh! And one more thing. If you look closely, Gong Li’s fingernails has nail art on it. For guys who don’t know what nail arts are, it’s those things where girls spend about hundred bucks getting other girls to draw some pattern and stick some fancy thing on your nails you choose a pattern(usually flowers of sorts), and get them replicated onto each nail. It’s like the latest fashion, so how can there be such thing during the Tang Dynasty????!!! 😯

The ending absolutely sucks. Just like The Banquet. But worse. The scene jumps and ends just like that.

Everybody dies.

Go watch if you have nothing better to do and tell me what you think.

Afterall, one man’s poison is another man’s meat (=

p/s Now don’t get me wrong, the movie isn’t as bad as i put it. Just that, it’s too much of a Hamlet thing for me 😐


3 thoughts on “The Curse of the Chrysanthemum

  1. i totally agree with the going out everynight ting` i kept trying to log onto my gmail becos i had some important mail. after 3 hours, only managed to now. My MSN won’t give in and i can’t log in either.

    Gahhhh. and u watched coftgf w/o me!

    even more gahhhhh.

  2. i baru jak came home from watching! i bet old guys will love the movie. i think you know why too. and ya! the ending totally sucks shit.

    and Sean, ku boleh log in MSN! u kenot! hohoho!

  3. Sean: imagine this for 3 weeks. YIKES! but wtf lah, my msn before quake oso cacat bah. sign in, dc. sign in, dc. sign in, dc. Oh, didn’t know u wanted to watch leh! haha. go watch Cadaver want ah?

    Lexxxx: oits! u hampsap fella! hahaha. don’t brag about ur MSN. im gonna curse it so that u can’t sign in also. U sign in now got ppl meh? I thought lots of ppl also cannot.

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