Lost Battle


The rain and consequently the fever and flu finally caught up with me.

I feel so miserable 😕 Been sleeping the whole afternoon.

Panadol and Clarinase don’t work…remedies anybody?

Rain, rain, go away,
Sandra wants to go and party,
Fever, flu, go away,
New Year’s just one more day.


8 thoughts on “Lost Battle

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re ill on this day, Sandra. I have some remedies that we use here to cure fever and flu, and might i add, quite miraculously.

    To cure a fever: egg whites! When i was little, i had a fever so high that i started to hallucinate. My ma feared that i was going to have brain damage. My grandmother told her to soak hankerchiefs in egg white and put on the soles of my feet(cover with socks). This is traditionally used here and it cures any fever/burns within minutes!

    To cure a flu: Take a bath in cayenne and ginger slices. Go to bed around 10pm to 6am because this is when your body fights diseases. Also, avoid taking sugar especially in orange juices.

    I know this may sound quite weird to you, but it works! Try it if your fever don’t fade. Get well soon, Sandra! and Happy New Year!

  2. Sanoli: Yikes! Egg white??!! Hrm…i’ll try that one day…just maybe… hehe. Thanks btw, i’m feeling a lil better now (= Happy New Year to u too!

    Annachuu: Wheee lucky for you! I can sleep for 3 days 3 nights but it wont go away. hehe. Thanks thanks, and Happy New Year!!!

  3. heyyy..
    do get well soon ok??? try Honey and lemon… it works for many people…
    Sick or well, MUST go out PARRRTYYYYY !!! Its the new year, and I hope you have a blessed and awesome one coming ahead !!!

  4. Robin: Thanks lots!! Tried dy, it cures my sore throat but not my fever. lols. Happy New Year to you too!!!

    Eva: I went to SONS…it didn’t help!!! LOL. It’s worse than playing a sport right? wakakaka. i miss u too!! So very the muchieeeee. Have a blessed new year too!

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