Resolutions, anyone?

I can’t upload pictures, so entries will be quite plain for a bit. Thank goodness WordPress is working fine, because that’s all i can do now.

So, it’s 12.30am, 30th December. In 11 and a half hours, it’ll be 2007 already.

I know lots of people New Years resolutions but how many of us succeed in fulfilling them?

If we were to make resolutions, i think the list will be endless. Being happy, being in love, being this, being that.

But then again, maybe with resolutions, they’ll give as a guideline so that we’ll actually work our butts off to acheive something in life.

I’m ranting. It’s raining and it’s cold. BrrrRrr…

So folks, how are you guys celebrating New Year’s Eve and the start of a brand New Year?

Me? Utterly sad way.

There’s a couple celebrating their first born’s full moon on New Year’s Eve. So gotta perform for them. Aiyayayayaiii. Fortunately, it’s a Chinese dinner so it’ll probably end at about 10pm. Then maybe I’ll adjourn to somewhere else for the countdown. Anyone up to it?

Exactly a year ago, on New Year’s Eve, I had to play for a couple’s wedding too.

Can’t they pick a better day? I mean, some of the guests might also be reluctant to go right? *sighs*

So so so…give me some ideas on how to spend New Years Eve. Especially in Kuching. Oh, but i wanna hear from those abroad too! (=

p/s The bug is around now, and i have a feeling it’ll get me soon. Been in the rain today, and i feel a fever coming. Please please please, i don’t wanna start the New Year being sick. So ppl, drink more water, and get plenty of rest!

p/p/s Happy New Year! This goes out to all my loved ones, family, friends, and not forgetting bloggers and blogders! Have a blessed one!

3 thoughts on “Resolutions, anyone?

  1. Back, i am! 😀 And pweety sad because i don’t know how to celebrate in Kuching either. If i stayed in KL. least can party. here so many lalas! Anyhoo, Darren is having a party at our hs, maybe u cud come after ur gig? My bro would be ecstatic to see u tho he wont say it heh. Drop by okay? If not, let’s catch up soon, sista! *muaks*

  2. Daphne: Oits! You’re finally baaaaaaaaaack! Twas about time tho hehe. Well, Kch is Kch afterall. (= Hrm..i’ll see bout tat n rsvp u asap. Darren ah..well, say hi for me lah! hehe. I’ll cyaz around then!

    bluey: hahahaha! make it sound so romantic just like in the movies. lol! and yess i know about the abal thing ahahaha!!

    *Thanks for offering, guys!*

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