Through Blogging…

I met lots of awesome people!

Okay, 2 entries within an hour. Pardon me, but i’m awfully bored.

Anyways, I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now, but it was never a serious thing till I moved to WordPress, which is this current blog. It’s been 2 months since i moved here, and well, this blog here has led me to knowing lots of wonderful people! and their blogs too, of course.

Since it’s almost the end of the year, I shall put this entry up so i can look back next year and remember them. Hopefully i will have more to add by next year (=

You see, there’s 2 categories. Those you get to know by visiting their blogs because you have nothing better to do than blog hop all day, and those you know because they visit your blog because they have nothing better to do than blog hop all day. 😛

There’s bluemonster, Little Ray, Nathan, Sanoli, and Sean who regularly commented on my entries not too long ago.

Bluemonster or bluey for short, is somebody who prefers to remain anonymous, but I met up with him a few months back and found a friend in him! Thanks bluey, for helping me with lots of dilemma stuff like uni options and all.

Little Ray aka Raymond in Perth is another one who left his marks on my entries and vice versa, and he’s now a good friend who gets mental attacks every now and then. Oh, occasionally my ‘son’ too. Naughty, silly boy! 😀

Nathan on the other hand, i found out that i knew him from the old MIRC days after he added me on MSN. Speaking of which, i missed those IRC days. Where you could talk randomly and make real friends.

Then there’s Sanoli, this sweet Russian girl who came across my blog googling “happenings Kuching”. Well, Sanoli, if you do make a trip here in the future, i’d be sure to bring you around! (=

And last from that category, but not least of course…is Sean. We chat occasionally on MSN, and last month, when we met, i thought he looked so darn familiar, and then found out he was Samson and Sebastian’s eldest brother. Wow, what a small world! The world got even smaller when I met Lexi to talk about band stuff/jamming and found out he was their lead guitarist.

Then from the other category, i got to know Kenneth, and Robin. I blog-hopped and came across their blogs and thought they were good reads.

Kenneth, was actually a friend i met from the MIRC days. He was also from IMH for a while, but i’ve never met him before. After like more than 5 years, i finally met him at the Rexona No-Sweat Bandkuest as he was the drummer of Litbox, the band which secured the 2nd place.

Robin also has an interesting blog, featuring Kuching and everything else in it. The people, the happenings, the food, basically everything. I’ve seen him before, but we’ve never met. Lol.

There’s also a few which doesn’t fall into any of the 2 categories. Fitria and Tina, the 2 sisters whom i met at the same Bandkuest, who told me that they read my blog. Then there’s the occasional comments made by passing people which until today i still don’t know. Like crispy, Patau Rubis, and others.

Not to forget all ther other blogs which i frequent but never associated with their owners.

Well, it’s been a great knowing you people. Whether in the cyberspace or not.

If you’re a blogger, keep it up, okay? Keep me entertained with yours posts. It’s something to light up the gloomy days and nights! Not only that, but you help those working people catch snake a bit. You just sit in front of the computer, read read read so your boss thinks you’re concentrating hard on work. For students, your parents might think you’re doing research or something. (=

And if you’re not a blogger, well, thanks for all the footprints you left here.

Oh, dont worry. I havn’t forgotten about the old friends. Hehe.

It’s been great knowing you all!


13 thoughts on “Through Blogging…

  1. wah wah wah! so honoured to be mentioned! Well, i’m glad to have decided to meet up also. Otherwise i wouldnt have known you now.

    Now, YOU keep up yer blog too okay?

    heppi neu yer! (ah bengs style)


  2. ..and he’s now a good friend who gets mental attacks every now and then. Oh, occasionally my ’son’ too. Naughty, silly boy!

    SSssshhhhh.. mental attacks aren’t to be mentioned!! :S Sorry mummy, I’ve been a naughty boy 😦 But maybe.. just maybe.. a chocolate cake will do the trick 😀 Thanks Sandra! Don’t want to wish you new year just as yet :þ

  3. Sanoli: I will i will (= And happy new year to you too! Hope this coming year brings you lots of joy and happiness hehe.

    Ray: wahahahaha! mental boy! No choc cakes for u anymoreee. grounded for a week. 😆

  4. waaahhh.. I am featured in this blog !!! I feel so very honored !!! Hahahahhaaa.. *kembang hidung*
    Yalor… my blog is kinda like a mixture of many things.. seems more like a rojak eh?? ahahahahaa….

  5. awww. how touching.. its been like.. lets see during bandkuest i was only 15 ( 2006) n now its 2009.. Hahah im out of high school but seriously you got a LONG term memory..i adore that adn appreaciate a frien like you.. n yeah.. i do remember you too.. the sily raise you hand thingy 🙂 cheers…

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