Love and Joy through Music and Dance

It’s all over!

No more concerts, weddings, or any performances of any sort. And i forsee it to be this way for the next three years! Unless Lionel and i go street busking in Perth…hrmm… šŸ˜›

Anyways, like almost all events i reviewed on, it’s going to be from behind-the-scenes view because i didn’t get to watch most of it.

And also, all of the photos are taken from other people because i did not take a single shot at all that night. Therefore, thanks Connie, Kathy and Soon Ping!!

The ticket says it all. A charity concert jointly organised by Lions Club of Kuching Ixora and International Music House(IMH) featuring the renowned ballet troop from Manila.

It was a night of music and dancesĀ from all walks of life; classical to movie soundtracks to ballet to salsa…practically very rojak lah.

So, the concert was scheduled to start at 6.30pm, and we were supposed to be there at 5pm. Goodness knows for what. So we stood around the corridors outside the theatre from 5pm and waited till almost 7pm for our turn.

So long okay?? It was hot and tiring.

As usual, everybody started camwhoring. What else right? Okay, maybe while we were camwhoring, the ballerinas from Manila were warming up lah. šŸ˜›

What better place to warm up and stretch than the corridors.

Fantastic 4 – Kathy, Ben, Michelle, Chung Yi

The 3 musketeers – Wendy, Kathy, Michelle

Kathy retouching her make up. “Do i have panda eyes?? Do I? Do I” šŸ˜€

Then finally, it was our turn.

IMH Symphony Orchestra. Spot me in this freaking dark picture šŸ˜€

HLs singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

David was one of the lead singer and he did indeed impressed the crowd with a bang! because his mic dropped halfway. Lol.

Okay…coming up, lots and lots of ballerinas in tutus. šŸ˜€

If one trips, the rest will go merrily go tumbling down too šŸ˜€

Somebody mentioned after the concert, i quote and unquote…

“You see the ballerinas on stage so graceful and light! But when backstage, they run about…BOOM BOOM BOOM! Just like badak sumbu like that!”Ā (Badak sumbu is Malay for hippo)

Then since it was a night of cultural exchange, the HLs from IMH did their ethnic presentation(Ethnica) too. I don’t know why but i always find it amusing to watch them. Lol!!

Sze Chau aiming for the balloons

After endless spins and jumps and more spins(seriously a hell lot of ballet), the concert finally came to an end at about 11pm i think. Then there was the Grand Finale in which we had to walk down the aisle playing Rasa Sayang. It was soooo memalufying cuz i was kind of like right in front (2nd to be exact) and since i didn’t turn up for the full dress rehearsal, i was playing it from hearing. Gosh! Not that bad, but very the memalufying.

Grand Finale

We were ecstatic that it ended! But we had to stand on stage and be photographed for like 15 minutes? It was sooo tiring! The spotlights were sooo bright and hot. And camera lights were flickering from every direction and we decided to just look at the center of the theatre. Haha! And everyone had a smile plastered on their face but it got soo tiring that we just walked away after a while. I pity models or superstars…. šŸ˜›

Okay, theres a lot more than to what meets the eye…but i can’t possibly post all the pics up (= I’m sure if you google the concert, you’ll be able to find something from other bloggers. Hehe!

Well, it was a memorable night and all.

In addition, it was going to be the last time I’m gonna be seeing most of the folks in a very very long time.

But wearing heels for 7 and a half hours kinda killed my feet. Didn’t come home straight, and when i eventually got home, i was super duper exhausted that i slept at about 2am! Considered veryyy early for me. Heh.

Anyways, thanks guys for all the support and all! Was nice seeing familiar faces there!! hehe I’m so gonna miss you all *sobs*


Mr Ho’s Fine Foods

I’m sure most of you know that Crown Tower has gone through some major renovations and it’s almost done.

Well, one of the newest addition is Mr Ho’s Fine Foods, one which is familiar to most KL-ites. However, having stayed in KL for a year, i’ve never actually been to Mr Ho’s. If you’re in KL, you can find them at Midvalley(Lower Ground Floor) and also at BSC(Ground Floor).

So yesterday, Pops, Mops and I dropped by for a really late lunch/really early dinner tea time at about 3pm. The place was packed and we had to share tables with a couple.

The concept is similar to the outlets in KL, you can see how it’s like from their website. Part of the place is located for selling gourmet products. Then they have a row of tables near the window for dining in(very obvious from the parking lot). However, i don’t quite recommend you to go during the noon. Having no curtains or whatever, the place is practically an oven to dine at. Direct sunshine to your back if you’re the unlucky one sitting next to the window.

Please squint to see prices šŸ˜›

Anyways, we ordered their one of their specialities; Crispy Roast Pork Knuckle for 1 and also a slice of Coffee Cheesecake to share.

Crispy Roast Pork Knuckle for one (RM28.90)

They also have it whole (minimum 2 person consumption) priced at RM 45.90.

Coffee Cheesecake (RM7)

You can also buy it whole for RM65. It’s safer to pre-order though.

The verdict?

The Pork Knuckle was a total let down. It was over done, and very dry. No doubt the skin was crispy, but other than that, it wasn’t flavorful at all. The meat was rock hard and tasteless.

If you fancy Crispy Pork Knuckle, go try the one at Ihaw-Ihaw at Padungan. It’s somewhere opposite Bing! so it’s quite easy to find it.

Ihaw-Ihaw’s Crispy Pork Knuckle.

Only RM38 for a freaking big plate. Whole knuckle. It’s actually enough for a carnivorous family of 4, or a not-so-carnivorous family of 6. (= And it’s so much better. Original from the Philipines. And terrific service.


The coffee cheesecake wasn’t so bad. You could taste the coffee ooomphh. And it wasn’t so sweet.

Well, i don’t think i’ll be going back there.

Because the service absolutely sucks!!

When we asked for dessert fork/spoon to eat the cake with, they pointed at the huge gigantic fork on the table.

Guna itulah.” (Use that lah!)


The fork is those you use for your steak. Or even larger! I can seriously kill somebody with it. Excuse you, nobody uses that fork to eat cake with okay?

And we finished the cakeĀ while waiting forĀ the pork. So the opposite!

Then they didn’t have the courtesy to inform that they ran out of mashed potatoes and substituted it with french fries instead.

Then they all serve with long blackĀ faces. And practically every table there that day had something to complain to the staff about.

Okay lah, shit happens when you’re running a restaurant. But still! Or maybe that afternoon happened to be a bad day for them.

No no. I’ll be spending my money elsewhere instead.

Oh, yah. It’s pretty expensive too. By Kuching standards i mean.

You can go try for yourself and tell me about it. Maybe you’ll have a totally different dining experience that I had. (=

Till Death Do Them Part

It’s been 3 years since i joined SONS, and I’ve played in numerous weddings, full moons and sorts. It’s usually the same thing over and over again (heck, even the songs don’t change) but today…today, it was different.

It was the most perfect wedding i’ve been to.

A wedding any couple would dream of.

The groom was obviously rich, and the dad is quite well known (ex head of Sarawak Vetinary Association) and mother involved in timber.

Today was also the first time we played in a quartet before orchestra during dinner.

And what’s more, Kuching is getting smaller by the second. Lots of familiar faces, but obviously, they don’t read my blog, because if you remember, i stated that if you see me there, pretend you don’t know me. (=

But my cousin happened to be one of the photographers and he came and took soooooo many upclose pictures while i was performing. -_-”

I don’t know how to explain it, but you could feel the love in the air, and it’s one of the very few weddings where the couple actually took their first dance together. My heart literally melted. :S

So, have you guys thought about your wedding? I’m sure it’s crossed your mind before.

Many people told me that i’ll make a good wedding planner *hint hint* because i’ve been to so many weddings and i know what could possibly go wrong.

Once, when the MC told the couple to cut the cake, the groom actually mouthed to the MC “It’s fake! It’sĀ fake!” You know hotels which uses fake wedding cakes? Yeah. Usually only a part of it is real…but it so happened that the whole thing was fake so they couldnt cut it. -_-”

Then you know sometimes, they have this stand with flowers and a candle right on top? There was once when the thing caught fire and the waiter poured some juice or something over it. Again, -_-”

So yeah, how will your wedding be?

Just you and your loved one somewhere far away? At the beach? With only close relatives and friends?

Or a hugeeeeee and grand wedding?

Or something moderate, butĀ well planned and executed?

Having been to so many weddings, i’ve always imagined mine to be simple but sweet. Traditions and customs must be followed though.

And at the reception dinner, i’d decorate the stage white/silverish. White soft linens covering the stage, with rose petals scattered around. No balloons within reach, please. Then perhaps a touch ofĀ metalic colors here and there.

Then i’ll break away from the traditional “The Wedding” song, and use another song for the walk in part. Perhaps, “Forever in Love”?Ā And the first dance shall be with the song “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. You watch Cinderella Story by Hillary Duff? Yeah. Just like that.

And please, no memalufying YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM SENG! (Cheers!) So annoying can?Ā 

Oh. And my significant other MUST NOT and CANNOT get drunk also! Memalufying indeed.

Ok, maybe it isn’t exactly that simple after all.

But a girl can always dream…

Frozen in the Past

“People do not die for us immediately, but remain bathed in a sort of aura of life which bears no relation to true immortality but through which they continue to occupy our thoughts in the same way as when they were alive.Ā  It is as though they were traveling abroad.”
– Marcel Proust

I received news early this morning that there have been some complications with the operation in UK and the doctors did the best they could but it was already too late.

JRR Tolkein once wrote, “no parent should have to bury their child. “

But what can we do? Life and death is another cycle in which we do not determine the process ourselves.

Ā I was happy last night. Chatting and joking, yet complaining about how stressed out I was,Ā then Jonathan called.

I didn’t cry. No, i couldn’t.

I frozed, reflected on the past while the MSN orange lights blinked away.

It didn’t feel like he was gone. It felt like heĀ got offĀ the trainĀ too early or something. Like we’re on the same train, andĀ it’s speeding. We were talking, i looked away…and when i turned back, he was gone.

And when we’re allĀ still growing up,Ā getting higher educations, finding the significant other and worrying about the future…he’s just there.

Just frozen in the past.

We’ve never said our goodbyes. I didn’t make it to the airport when he and his sister left to UK.

It’s too late to turn back time.

But i know you’re at a better place, watching over us from somewhere far far away.

You will always be there urging me to be optimistic at everything. You made things better when life hit rock-bottom. That is how i will remember you.

Always and forever.

p/s I’m closing comments for this one. Sorry.

Damsel in Distress

WithĀ a littleĀ less than 2 weeks before i leave Cat City to go to Perth, things are still in a mess.

I feel…


I havn’t found a place to stay yet, but i know who i’ll be staying with. 3 other Kuching-kias… Brandon, Charles and Madeleine.

So now we’re thinking of maybe staying at the Student Village for 1 semester and then move out after we’ve found a vacant house.

But the problem is Student VillageĀ Internet access is like so darn ex! I cannot live like that lah, no series, no late night chats, how to survive you tell me?

So if thats really the case, i’ll go stay where i initially planned to. With this renowned Salsa dancer (who is also a musician)Ā and his son who’s the same ageĀ as I amĀ and also studying at Murdoch. Then maybe after 6 months i’ll move out and bunk with the other 3.

But very the mafan right?

And i havn’t recieved word about my Visa yet. No doubt it’s ony been less than a week since i applied for it.

Oh, my luggage is definitely overweight :S

Anyways, if you wanna know, i’ll be leaving on the 5th of February, 9pm flight to Perth via Singapore. I think my fight from Singapore to Perth is around 1am. Oh, i’ll also be on the same flight as Lionel the Lamomok.

*counts fingers*

Only 12 days to go!

Okay, Perth issues aside…if i bond with my viola anymore, we’ll be chemically infused together as one. The SONS and IMH practices ALWAYS ALWAYS clash with one another. Every year, so deja vu.

And to those i owe a yum cha or coffee-ing session with…haha, wait a bit lah k? (=


Back to reality…

Practice Makes Perfect

I’ve beenĀ rather busy these daysĀ and therefore will resumeĀ ‘normal’ blogging afterĀ next week. For now, make do with my boringĀ about life entriesĀ šŸ˜€ Ā 

The past 2 weeks have been spent bonding with my hubby viola. Wedding performances and concerts coming up…it feels like the old days again.

Except i’m so so so sick of practices now. I used to look forward to these kind of things, but with my days left in Kuching being numbered (15 days to be exact), i feel like these practices are taking up too much of my time.

IMH practices are the more fun ones, except I’ve been having nightmares and illusions of horses running and mountains opening up every now and then. You see, the song we’re performing is the OSTĀ from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. So the way we play it has to portray the riders actually finding the lost ark when it reaches the climax of the piece. So the conductress has been drilling us into imagining it. Now i’m seeing horses everywhere. Sighs.


Then on the 26th,Ā there’s this wedding… just one night before the IMH concert. Some guy is gonna be singing and we’re supposed to accompany him. The songs are just so dead boring! Somebody, help me!

Anyways, we had practice today from 10-12pm, and after that a bunch of us went for lunch. Then proceeded toĀ catch a movie and the only movie showing at that time was Pathfinder. The rest was either too late or seen already.

Oh gosh…don’t ever watch that movie!!! It was so freaking boring. A 1 hour 45 minutes movie which felt like 3 hours!! The whole movie has very few dialogues, and plentyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy of fighting/action scenes. But it’s very redundantly filmed. What’s more, theres no eye candies in the movie. Hehe.

I was sitting between Kathy and Ben. One kept yawning and the other was like so still and bored. Lol! I myself nearly dozed off a couple of times.

Such a waste of RM9!

Sighs. Again.

Orchestra practice tomorrow from 4-6pm again. Ben and IĀ plans to catch Death Note 2 but the showing times don’t seem to fit. Sighs!