Of Tao, Coffee Bean, and Bing!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!

May this year bring you all love, joy, good health, and success in everything you do (=

So, how was your New Years Eve?

Partying at Travilion/Soho/Grappa/Ipanema(any other places i left out?)? Dinner at hotels? Driving around town aimlessly and contributing to the jam? Sipping coffee at Tao/Bing/CB&TL? Sleeping at home?

Daphne and Darren was throwing a party at home(sorry i didn’t make it), Cletus was looking for fireworks or something like that, Kenny Sia was at Ipanema than Soho, Robin was at Travillion, Christopher was at somebody’s house(i couldn’t hear properly :S), Sean, Ing Huei, Joel and Nathan was out with parents, my sis was out with friends…so how about you?

Well, whatever you guys did tonight, I’m sure you had fun. Especially because its raining :S

The performance today was quite okay…but halfway out half the place blacked out. Luckily it was the other half of the place, and it was during out short break. Everybody was taking out their phone for source of light, and i tell you. Nothing beats the Sony Ericsson phone. Haha! It was so bright that it literally hurt your eyes. This is the first time ever i found a use for my phone light (=

L-R: Ji Wei(cellist), Ben(violinist), Sze Chau(Violinist). This is only half of the group though.

Anyways, after that Ben and I launched our “Cuti-cuti Kuching” again. We went pass Travillion but it was soooo packed full of people that there was a queue to even go and park, pass the whole stretch of Padungan where Soho, Grappa, Bing! and everything else is at, pass The Junk, Bla Bla Bla, and The Living Room, pass Chonglin Park, and back again to town.

Exactly what happened on Christmas Eve.

Because both of us was down with all sorts of sickness, we decided to go somewhere not so noisy. Then we settled down for Bing!.

Oh, everybody had problems calling everybody because Digi was down or something like that. And when you could actually call someone, it’s like this feeling of striking a lottery! -_-”

Anyways, had a hunch that Kenneth would be a Bing!, so we called him. And yeah..there he was just heading in. Lol.

At Bing! Ben’s blueberry cheesecake, Kenneth’s American Chocolate Cake, Green Tea & Peach Tea, Ice Blended Mocha Double Shot. (Plus Ben’s long violinist hands on the far left ;p)

So yeah, that was New Year’s Eve was for me. Hanging out at Bing! with Ben and Kenneth. Met a couple of people there too though…mostly x-lodgians.

That being said, this part onwards is a backdated post. Main reason being the fact that i finally managed to upload my pictures. Whee!

Hazelnut Mocha @ Tao on Christmas Eve

Wedding Performance @ Hilton on the 27th December 2006.

Oh yeah, the wedding performance. Disasterous! There was something wrong with the clip-on mics so we couldnt hear each other. Songs were a bit messed up, and it was just horrible. But it’s over (= I sneaked that shot when we were having a break and the couple was coming up to stage to pour the Champagne. But guess what? We were supposed to be playing ‘The Wedding’ song instead of breaking. :S

Was at Cafe Cino, Hilton after that but i forgotten to snap the drinks.

Then just last night after SONS, i was at Coffee Bean. Met Dean there, and caught up a little bit.

Caffe Latte, Ice Blended Mocha and Peanut Butter Crunch Cheesecake @ CBTL

Caesar Salad @ CBTL

We ordered the Caesar Salad to share, and he asked us if we wanted to see him make it. But we didn’t though. Look at the salad which Dean specially made us! There’s more cheese and croutons than vegetables! Lol.

Anyways, that’s about all the Coffee places you can find in Kuching. Hehe.

Yes yes. I’m a coffee addict.

Once again, have a blessed New Year!

p/s Fever’s coming back, worse than before. All thanks to the rain.

p/p/s To Christopher, Joel and Bryan who’s leaving tomorrow, have a safe flight back! I’ll try to go see you guys off but no promises (= See ya next year peeps!


8 thoughts on “Of Tao, Coffee Bean, and Bing!

  1. walau…been to everywhere within the past 1 week. seronoknya! neways, happy new year again! we’re meeting kat bings again on tuesday. try join us if u can k?

  2. hey san…
    wow… a “hunch” that kenneth would be there eh? like ur sixth sense that I would be in city jungle?? ahahhahaha myteriously charming..

  3. Lex: LoLs. THanks! You too! Er…Tuesday? I’ll try lah. Wad time ah? And who exactly is ‘we’? (=

    Lionel: Hi hi, Happy New Year to you too! But er…which lionel is this? hehe..sorry.. I play the viola. haha.

    Robin: Lol…the ‘hunch’ was really a hunch lah. but actually the sixth sense part is cheated one 😛 I was in the car with Ben when he called you…haha! hope u had fun tho!

  4. Ooohhhh you were with ben !!!! Naughty naughty !! ahahhahahaa….
    would have joined u guys for a while if that ben called earlier !! eehhehe….
    there is always another time… no worries..

  5. Robin: hahaha. Yes I was lol. yalah..we drove around for like almost 1 hr i think before deciding to go to bing 😛 yepss see yaz around next time then lol

    Hong: hey hey Thanks!! haha Yi Hong right? Was nice meeting u that night (= Happy New Year too!!

    Annachuu: Happy New Year again too! No lah, backdated post bah. haha. Was only at Bing! after performance lah. (=

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