Just Updates

Yes, the terrible, horrible, vegetable connection is taking everyone down…slowly yet steadily.

I can hardly check my mail or log in to MSN )= It’s funny how people go out more when the Internet is down. But ironically, even though i go out more, my recent posts are filled with nothing but rants of my everyday life.

What’s happening to the world?

Or maybe it’s just me. Hrmph.

Anyways, people start to go out more, which means spending more money, which means being broke before the month is up.

People start to lose contact with MSN buddies, or friends from the cyberworld.

And bloggers generally tend to update less.

Which means total boredom for those who can go online but can’t sign in MSN because there’s nothing to read!


So my life’s been on an autopilot for the past few days. It’s the holidays afterall.

Went and watched a movie again. Night at the Museum this time. With Pops and Mops(I’ve been dragging them out for movie dates at least once a week ever since I got back), and a very bored Ben joined us too.

I initially booked the 9pm one, but wth, they cancelled our bookings when we got there. Never in my life of watching 39506159 movies at Star they cancelled my bookings even though i collect them right before the movie starts. So the 4 of us watched the 11pm one instead.

If you’re feeling the post-holiday blues, you should go catch the movie. Hilarious indeed. It’s a wholesome, entertaining, undemanding, family-flick.

Won’t review this in details, cuz i’m feeling awfully lazy it’s quite similar to other Ben Stiller movies out there.

(Anyone interested in watching the latest Thai horror Cadaver or Ashton Kutcher’s latest movie The Guardian?)

Oh, i just completed the whole mini series of The Lost Room today. There’s 3 parts to it, and it’s awesome! If you like Heroes and those sci-fi stuff, this is a must watch. Superb acting and storyline. Though the props used and all are cheap stuff, it really intrigues you.

And tonight, I missed out on a meet at Bing! with Lexi and the rest. Why? Because I completely forgotten about it! So sorry, guys! Completely slipped out of my mind… )=

Got a long day tomorrow, going out with Mops at 8am(!!!!!!!), and got a lunch date with Kathy, Ben and i don’t know who else. Then at night, I’ve got another meet at Coffee Bean. Gena told me last week about it…and hopefully i won’t forget it this time. Will be meeting new faces again, so it should be quite fun. Thursday is another Bing! night to meet up Daphne and Darren for the first time in 3 years…

Hrm..looks like it’s gonna be another coffee filled week.

And Pops and Mops have started organising my stuff so that when i leave things won’t be so kelam-kabut disorientated.

Thing is, what exactly should i lug with me to Perth?



9 thoughts on “Just Updates

  1. Berani pun u say u lupak. Aduhai! sob sob. We all wait for you and you msg say forgot. sob sob. twas actualy thinking of watching guardian but since you lupak us, i’ll go wid somebody else instead. AHAKS! jkjk.

    when u free lah chaboh?

  2. i just posted only u dah comment. haha! sorry lahhhh. really lah, so so so sorry. hehe. next time kua!

    hrm…u really wanna watch ah? but i’ll pay big bucks to see u watch Cadaver. lol! erm..night time most probably.

  3. hey sandy! happy new years to you! movie freak still i noticed. 😀 anywhoo, lug your whole room to Perth. You won’t regret it~ woohoo! cant wait fer you to comeeee, hehe“

  4. Ray: Ooh..haha. Yeah, looks good. (=

    Ying Tze: Hey hey! Thanks! Same to you! Hehe…i will, if you pay for the overweight luggage tsk tsk tsk i know! me too ;p

  5. hm, night u sure ah? this weekend? sat nite? noooo not Cadaver. later i have nightmares 3 days 3 nights berturut turut 😀

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