You’re A Fry

I’ve always wondered… why is it we humans acquire different taste for different things?

Take for example, french fries!

We all like it in different ways, we eat it differently. Some dip it in coke or ice-cream, but some may think it’s disgusting. Some sprinkle salt and pepper all over but some can’t be arsed enough to ask for the extra sachets of salt and pepper.

Then there’s the fries itself.

  • Thin and stringy or thick and fat?
  • Straight cut or crinkle cut?
  • Crispy or soggy? Or crispy on the outside, soft in the inside?

So, how do you fancy your fries and how do you eat them? Or perhaps you don’t like fries at all?

p/s I’ll take down the banner soon. When i’m not lazy ๐Ÿ˜€

p/p/s After the lunch date with Kathy, Ben, Michelle and Chung Yi today, i tapau-ed rojak home…but i totally forgot to take a picture of it! No new rojak banner )=


8 thoughts on “You’re A Fry

  1. i love soggy fries but my hubby likes them crispy. so it’s hard doing fries at home. Try them with sour cream, youghurt and beer! cheers! How do you like yours, Sandra?

  2. Make me hungry! I want some fries now! Eat it anyway also can. Go McD put salt n pepper, mix tomato and chilli ketchup together..and NGAUM!

    Talk about McD, i want ice cream now too.


  3. sanoli: Ooh..haha. Do it crispy. And take half of it and microwave it. It’ll become soggy (= Hrm..yoghurt? That’s new. Me long as its not hard as in stale or smth. hee.

    KenJJ: haha! I’m trying very hard to remember that scene…but i can’t. Yeah..heroes starting again on the 22nd!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    bluey: Wahahaha. Don’t be yourself to McD. hahaha!

  4. Thin and stringy, straight cut and soggy fries are the way to go! I rarely eat those though, cos they’re FATTENING! haha try squeezing a piece of fry and you’ll see how much oil you can procure =P

  5. ahahaha french fries…
    I like it straight cut… plain !!! maybe a little salt would do…
    and fresh cream… or mayo…
    ok ok…. enough being loso ahhahahaaa

  6. I prefer crispy ones, don’t really care if it’s chips, fries, or crinkle cuts, as long as it’s crispy ๐Ÿ˜€ Usually like to have it dipped in KFC’s Sweet Chilli sauce (the one they put on Twisters, but not sold in Malaysia :รž). Yummy!

    Thanks for making me hungry now :รพ

  7. Anna: Yeah i know! Everytime my friends an i go to McD, when you reach the fries, it’s like feeling so darn full. so i always play with the fries. squeezing it..LOL

    Robin: Fries with fresh cream? That’s new! Uncle Robin….:lol:

    Ray: Lol. I think i know wad u’re talking about. Seen it in s’pore i think. hehe. Making u hungry? No problem…hee.

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