Oink Oink

 So 2007 brings us the year of the piggy. ^@^

Chinese New Year is in about one a a half month from now, and if you go to Kenyalang now, i’m sure you’ll be greeted by the “tong tong chiang” music everywhere. -_-”

Anyways, late last night after coming back from Lake Park, Taylor was telling me how she wanted to learn how to bake and cook so that she won’t have to starve in UK this year. Or how she’ll be able to feed her family in the future. lol.

And 2 days ago, Ben gave me a slice of his homemade Blueberry Cheesecake which he made on his very own!

Blue blue tei…:D

So since, it’s the piggy year, and being sparked with inspiration by this 2 pals, i have decided to find some time to bake pineapple tarts. Not for CNY lah, i won’t be here anyways.

So what’s so significant about piggy year pineapple tarts?

Piggy-shaped pineapple tarts, of course!

Those were taken from last year’s batch of CNY cookies. hehe. Now everybody say with me, “so the adorableeee!”

Haha! Yes yes, i know i can’t be arsed enough to do the slightest things. But now my mission for this coming week is to conquer the piggy.

But of course, i’ll be splitting the job. hehe. Mops will do the piggy ears and i’ll force make Pops poke the nosetrils. Lol

Now now, anybody wants to be my guinea pig for this year’s batch of piggy farts tarts? 


4 thoughts on “Oink Oink

  1. hahaha. just a little..but its so cute that it keeps u doing it. haha. err not exactly a delicacy, just something almost every house will have during CNY. hehe. when ppl go visiting, usually hosts will serve CNY cookies/cakes. this is one of it. hehe…

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