Best of Sarawak Laksa

I’m done with my article, and after having permission, I’ve decided to use the pictures which i took with my own camera phone for this entry as well.

So yeah. The quest to search for the “Best Laksa in Kuching” began a few weeks ago. Undeniably, everyone has their own opinions about “The Best Laksa in Kuching.” So i decided to give all the famous Laksa stalls a try and came up with my own opinions.

But before I start my Laksa travel guide, let me do a favour for those who hasn’t tried Sarawak Laksa or seen it before.

What is Sarawak Laksa?

It’s a bowl of every cardiologist’s nightmare. Cholestrol served swimming in thick santan(coconut milk) with Laksa paste of course, and in addition to that, prawn stock. Usually with rice vermicelli(bee hoon), one can have the option of having the thick yellow egg noodles as well. Served with slices of egg omelettes and chicken, prawns and topped with garnishings of Chinese parsley/coriander/cilantro.

Not tempting enough?

We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

First stop, Madam Tang’s Cafe situated near the Petanak Central Market. It’s the same row as Kaya and Toast and the newly established Bestberry Cafe.

Madam Tang’s specialises in 3 dishes:- Sarawak Laksa, Beef Noodles and the newly added Nasi Lemak. But since this post is dedicated to Laksa, Laksa-ing we shall then. ;p


A large portion there costs RM5.50 and the special (which has extremely large prawns) is RM10.

Next stop, Fat Cat situated near Choice Daily, Ambank, J&J and the list goes on…


Then there’s Golden Arch situated at 3rd mile. You can’t miss it if you’re at the 3rd mile flyover.


Famous for it’s huge prawns and thick, sinful gravy.


Chong Choon Cafe at Jalan Abel near the Air Asia office.


When there’s Chong Choon Cafe, there’s also Choon Hui Cafe. Confusing, i know. This one’s located near Grand Continental Hotel, Ban Hock Road.


For those of you who watch Astro’s Travel & Living, especially those food shows, I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the famous Anthony Bourdain. In one of his episodes entitled ‘No Reservations’, he actually came to Malaysia. During his visit in Kuching, this was where he tried our famous Sarawak Laksa 😀

And the most famous franchised Laksa stall in Kuching, Ah Yew Laksa. They have stalls at Bormill Estate, Sekama and a few other places.


And the verdict?

IMHO, i think Fat Cat wins hands down.

For those of you who don’t agree, share with me on your comments. But don’t come spamming my comment box with ridiculous things like how I’m so not right. Because after all, we all have different tastebuds (=

But if you prefer those thick gravy, a little curry-ish, you should go for Golden Arch or Madam Tang’s. I find Fat Cat just nice, and it doesn’t give you the overpowering tangling sensation of herbs and spices.

As for Choon Hui and Chong Choon, I find that their standards has dropped over the years. It isn’t as good as it used to be…which is really sad. What’s more, you gotta wake up real early to have your breakfast there because it caters for the very-early-morning-crowd.

Now now, instead of the normal lim teh and coffee session, why don’t we change and go for Laksa instead? Haha!

For those of you not in Kuching…sorry lah…

One of the most sublime breakfasts known to mankind… 😀


17 thoughts on “Best of Sarawak Laksa

  1. Haha…I guess we have the same opinion about the best Sarawak Laksa. And yea, do you know that the owner of Fat Cat’s laksa is actually the daughter of the famous laksa’s owner at Abel road?

  2. Have you tried the one at Expert Food Court, at 4 and a half mile? The one opposite 688 Hot Market. 😀 Rate that. 🙂

  3. goshh. darn u made me hungry. nice pics lah. not bad for a a cam phone. one day kau belanja me the RM10 one okay? haha!

    lapar now..pergi cook maggi mee…hehhe

  4. Ronald: Hey hey! Hahaha Really ah? Must try one day…when im not laksa overdosed anymore. lol.

    Bluey: wakaka thanks thanks. but no! should be u belanja me lah. chehchehchehh! kolian ah eat maggi mee at home haha!

  5. That sure looks good. So it’s spicy right? Great, this is another reason why i should start planning my trip to Malaysia =P

  6. Ray: I know i know! Laksa OD already

    sanoli: Yeah..its a little spicy, but only just a little. hehe. yesss u should come soon! experience msia’s gastronomical fare (=

  7. haha thanks!! Yeah i still think fei mao is still the best. but apparently i heard that sometimes when it gets a bit too late(running out) it can get quite diluted. but not sure about that. have fun laksa-ing tho!

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