Someone read my post on dilemmas of where to go and what to study.

And so he gave me this site

Since I have already decided where to go and what to study, I clicked on Australia to see what they had to say about the place.

To my dismay, I saw this…

AUD18 for a freaking movie ticket!!

Yah…i know the picture is freaking small (I’m too lazy stunned to do any edits), so here is the link to the page.

OMFG. Can someone please reconfirm this for me? Those Aussie dudes out there? Is this true????!!!!! I don’t care about Melbourne or Sydney or wherever lah. In Perth only please!

OMFG. I cannot survive without watching movies. You know that!

OMFG. I also cannot survive going to watch movies if that’s the price too!

OMFG. I cannot survive by ciplak-ing movies from BitComent too. No no no. That’s not an option.

OMFG. AUD18 = RM49.3924!! (I used the online converter and they spelt Ringgit as Ringett. Imagine those Mat Sallehs with accents..”Oh, this is 5 ring-ett mate?”)

OMFG. RM50 can buy me 10 tickets on a Movie Day and about 5 tickets on a normal day with 2 bowls of Kolo Mee.

30 months without watching any movie on big screen…!!

If thats the case, i would appreciate it if you don’t give me any presents or anything for any celebrations. Go buy me a movie ticket for New Year’s, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s, Birthday, Friendship Day, Happy Day, Sad Day…*ahem ahem*

Faster faster! Who wanna go watch movie now? Oh wait…I’ve watched everything ‘watchable’ in cinemas now..



11 thoughts on “OMFG

  1. After the many MSN conversations (I haven’t been to the cinema :S), I found out that there are 2 different prices (I think). One is $9 for concession. Another is $11.50 (students), $14 (adults) and $9 (child).

    Well, it’s not that expensive, really. Just don’t forget my cakes. In return, I’ll buy you a ticket (when is Happy/Sad day? :S). Heh.

  2. when you are there long enough, you wont mind watching movies at all. There is AUD9 promotion going on, and also AUD 7 if I am not mistaken, you just have to go to the right places.

  3. duh… whoever told u aud18 should go hang themself upside down.

    the price is about the same in KL. without the conversion. they have early show promos as well as movie day thingy. check out hoyts.

    also don’t miss out on movie marathon!! normally 3 movies 1 go. bring blankie

  4. Hey hey! Haha Yeah! I heard too…sobss. gonna be outdated soon haha! Thanks for the info tho! And yeah, im gonna go watch every single thing. Or almost every single thing (=

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