Chillax After Wushu

If you aren’t a Lodgian, you’d probably not know this. But i used to have Wushu-craze.

Most people misunderstood Taekwondo as Wushu, but it’s so totally different. Wushu is more like routined martial arts, something like a dance. There’s like different type from Northern to Southern but don’t let me get started on the history, okay? hehe.

Anyways, a few Lodgians and I used to go for Wushu like…3-4 times a week. We have this fantabulous coach. Fantastic in every way. Skills and most of all, personality. A guy in his late twenties, he acts as if he’s only turning 2!

Our super duper cool coach

Taken 2 years ago at Hilton

Broad sword. My fav weapon among all(it has that ka-chingggggg effect 😛)

The last time we went for Wushu was like a year and a half ago(at least for me lah), so today a few of us decided to pay them a visit. Bernie came and pick Caleb, myself then John up(Thanks Bebs!)

No drastic changes, except for a new dragon. Everything and everyone else seems the same to me. Heck, even the ancient Sukma posters are still on the wall.

Last night’s Dragon Dance practice

We begain to reminise all the performances we had…at Hilton, Merdeka Palace, Padang Merdeka, school etc etc. All the fun yet painful trainings we had. The warm-ups, splits and somersaults which were frantically tried to be perfected(but to no avail) and usually ended up with backaches, leg sprains and others.

All those remedies we tried…Yoko Yoko, Chen Gu Sui and don’t know what else.

Then we began to envy those good ones there, especially Foo Ming, this guy who has been training for more than 10 years o.O

Foo Ming

He once thrust a sword so hard till the tip broke and flew across the place. (!!)

Anyways, when we were about to leave, it started raining heavily. So what did the guys do?


Damn creative i tell you, they fold the mats into a goal and put the Wushu weapons on top of it.

 Then there was this lightning+thunder freaked us out of our wits. Seriously! It was sooo freaking loud and sudden, and what’s more, it tripped the current. So the whole place blacked out. For those of you who knows what Tabuan Laru Family Club is like, i think you’ll know how freaky it was. Haha!

Anyways, the 4 of us then adjourned to this place called Chillax at Jalan Song. It’s the very same row as Upwell and Pizza Junction. A place which you have passed many many times but most probably didn’t notice.

L-R: John, Caleb, Bernie

Since we were feeling very chocolaty that night, 2 of us had Iced Chocolate and the other 2 Ice-Bended Chocolate. In addition we ordered a slice of both cakes available last night and Dragon Ice.

Blackforest & American Chocolate Cake (And a pack of Tarot cards at the back. Bernie’s a qualified Tarots reader :D)

Dragon Ice…basically just cut dragon fruits and longan in ice water :S

Coincidentally, Amelia, Charlotte, Joanne, Zhi Yuan, G. Liew and Esther came in!

And even more coincidental, Kelvin and Rodney came too!

All this without planning! Everytime theres a plan for a reunion, it doesn’t go so well cuz some can’t make it yada yada yada.

It was a night of fun and reminiscenses, a night which left us in stitches. Just like the old days.

We pulled the tables together and played a game called Taboo. Basically you take turns describing a word given on a card and the others have to guess what the word is. Catch is, theres a few words which you can’t use(stated on the card) while describing the word. So we played guys vs girls (Girls won, duh! Even when we were outnumbered :P)

It was freaking funny.

Word: “Kiss”

Description: When you like someone, you …….?

Bernie: Caress!

Word: “Soap-opera”

Description(G. Liew): Lalalala *in a shrieking voice* *rubs skin*

It was freaking funny cuz he began opera-ing so loudly, as if we owned the place LOL.

Word: “Cockspin” (or something like that)

Description(Caleb): Suck what?


So we stayed and was practically the last group to left. Actually it was more like we stayed till they started closing up.

If you’re sick of Bing! or Tao, no harm trying Chillax. There have been mixed comments about this place, but i enjoyed myself last night but then again, I had excellent company. The drinks are generally cheaper and their Chocolate Drinks are excellent too. Bernie recommended them, and this coming from someone who worked at Tao before, you should try them. Plenty of board games and others to keep you and your friends busy!

Chill Out, Relax = Chillax!

But do keep in mind that this place opens only from Thursday to Sunday, and only in the late evening.

p/s i think i’ve gotten toing-toings. But besides toing-toings, i think i have also caught poing-poing and koing-koing(s).


8 thoughts on “Chillax After Wushu

  1. chillax = chilli and wax !!!
    ahahahahha… i have nothing much against the place, just their not so keen to do business attitude, thats all. i know its a hobby and nothing serious to them, but to normal customers.. its an insult.

  2. ivan: Lol!! hahaa. im leaving 5th feb..when u coming back?? tsk tsk

    robin: hahah!! i believe that as long as u have good company, it doesnt matter where u go… 😛

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