I Hear You

I’ve been getting headaches and migraines the past few days. Everytime i go under the rain, the next day is dooms day for me. I think my head has holes :S

Anyways, last night after the orchestra practice at IMH, i went for an early dinner because my sis was flying back to KL that very night.

The place was very packed, and most people made reservations beforehand to avoid being seatless. So there was this table reserved for 10 next to us under the name “Mr Ang.” You know how they always put your name on the table? Yeah…

So halfway through dinner, a few kids came in accompanied by really old people i assume to be their grandparents. Then they started shrieking in reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loud and high pitched voices.

“Ni shi Mr Ang ma?” “Shi Mr Ang ho?” *giggles* (You’re Mr Ang right? Tee Hee Hee!)

Then their parents came in after awhile and looked at them. Now the whole world knows that he’s Mr Ang.

They kept repeating it throughout dinner till the waitress took the reserved sign off.

And then my headache came back.

I asked my parents, “Did i have such shrieking voice when i was little?”

Pops: No. Only when you cried.
Me: If i have a daughter with such voice and attitude next time, I’d bitchslap her to Timbaktu and forbid her to speak.
Sis: So mean! Not her fault what, it’s your genes.
Me: No. Not mine. Since i wasn’t like that, it’s my husbands fault lah. Divorce.


I can be really mean when i’m annoyed.


3 thoughts on “I Hear You

  1. IMH orchestra? i thought u’re in SONS? does dat mean u’ll be playing for the concert on the 27th?

    and u’re such a meanie!! lolx. tomoro u wake up sudd got shrieking voice then u kno! ni shi mr ang mahh?? lolx!!!

  2. bluey: haha..in both 😀 and yeah, i think so haha.

    wai wai waiii dun curse me leh :S

    d3vil: haha so annoying right?? i donno how u can stand it. miss the butter sotong yet? lolss

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