Life Surprises Us

It’s that time of the year again when people leave, cross mountains cross seas to further their studies or whatever it is they do.

So it’s also that time of the year when e-mails flow in and out of your mailbox like water…but this usually lasts for like a few months before everyone gets lazy and can’t be arsed enough anymore. Then you stop keeping in touch with each other till you both meet up again.


But what happens if you don’t meet for like 3 years?

One day, you remember that you have that friend across the mountains and seas, and you send XYZ a mail, hoping that he/she hasn’t changed his e-mail address, and you constantly check your inbox to see if he/she has replied.

In every mail, especially one like this, there’s always the rhetorical question…”What’s up?” or something to that extend.

And you always expect the other to say “Nothing much..” or again, something to that extend.

But one day you learn that he/she is NOT okay.

Infact, everything turns out wrong. So wrong that life feels like a joke you’ll never get.

A 19 year old diagnosed with leukimia/lymphoma is definitely NOT nothing much.

Suddenly images and reminiscences of the time you’ve spent together flows into your head. The fact of how lousy a friend you are hits you in the head.

I should have stayed in touch…
I should have called him/her more…
I should have went to that party…
I should have said yes when he/she wanted to watch that movie…

But it’s all too late. Knowing you can’t possibly fly a 1000 miles away from home, all you can do is sit, re-read the mail over and over again, and start thinking if both your paths will ever cross again…

To YOU, don’t give up. Life surprises us. For the bad or good, it never fails to surprise us. Even if we’re a 1000 miles apart, we’re looking at the same sky, at the same hope. Our prayers will be there by your side, and everything will turn out just fine. Life ain’t that cruel.

When the sun rises tomorrow, everything will be better. I promise you.

10 thoughts on “Life Surprises Us

  1. Wow, deeeeep thoughts you have got there…

    I can relate, I have real experience when one of my classmate passed away, and I wished I would have known him better…

    But you know what, i did not regret for the things I should, could and would have done. For me, I live for the day, I do not look so far and wonder all ahead, but rather focus on what is at hand, and what I can do at the moment.

    If today I can even make a person smile, I would be happy.

    I sure did remember my late friend’s wide smile when he saw me the last time. With that, I am satisfied, and I know I have done enough, in my little, own way.

  2. What can i say? My thoughts usually dive down to the deepest oceans..haha.

    I’m so sorry about your friend. I guess all i can do now is..nothing. Except hope for the best.

    But sometimes when you try to think of the last time you’ve been together, the last thing you did, you just can’t. At least you have that smile to relate to..

    Thanks for your words, i appreciate them.

    I believe in fate though. That when our time comes, it comes. There’s no cheating it. Like final destination, no? Lol.

  3. hey sandy. I happen to have heard about sumone in uk who fits ur description. could the world b so small dat its the same person?

    well, stay strong, gurl. for dat person n me 😀 life is like a box of chocs, u never know wad u’ll get.

  4. Truly touching words. You must remember, Sandra, that we cannot regret our past. Look to the future, even if you cannot provide that person a better one, it is good to know that you are there by his side.

    God Bless.

  5. bluey: hey hey…could be..haha. ask me on msn (=

    and thanks, i will. i sure hope i dun get bitter ones hehe

    sanoli: thanks for your advice/words/concern. i appreciate it. i sure hope the future will be a better one.

  6. Clueless on what to comment, but I guess I’ll quote Robert Frost on life, which is my fav quotation:

    In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

  7. And clueless on what to reply,

    Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
    Somewhere along in the bitterness
    And i would have stayed up with you all night
    Had i known how to save a life…

  8. Let him know that you know best
    cause after all you do know best
    Lay down a list of what is wrong
    The things you’ve told him all along
    And pray to God he hears you
    And pray to God he hears you

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