Apple – iPhone

I know, you know, we all know… what i’m gonna say about this.

I want.

But actually, after thinking twice thrice over and over again, I don’t want.


Still no perfect phone out there! But there won’t be such invention either…

Besides, we poor people in Asia won’t see the phone until 2008! That’s like in more than a year. I’m sure other brands will come up with more eye candies for me. On the other hand, you have plenty of time to save up for it ;p

What i think about it?

It’s seriously cool and is a brilliantly innovated phone, but like all models, has a few downsides.

  • No 3G

3G is like the next thing to hit the market. Though it’s not as widely used now, but i can forsee that it will be in the near future. So when others has 3G, and you don’t, you’re gonna start regretting it. Just like how some phones now are not MMS compatible yet.

  • No Physical Buttons

You know how people can type sms-es without actually having to look at the screen? This helps especially when you wanna send a text message at a time you’re actually not allowed to! You just stare at the teacher and down beneath the table you’re secretly punching away…

So without the buttons, how do you expect students to secretly type sms-es while in class? Or working people to send sms-es while in boring meetings??

No more msgs like:

Super boring meeting. Boss so lorsor(long winded). Lunch later where?

Makes you have to stare at the screen while you press press press. Then when you really have to send a text message, you do it hurriedly and secretly, and the fear and anxiety of being caught makes you sweat. So kin tio like that. As a result, sweaty fingers all over the screen. Yuckkkkkkkkk.

  • No international roaming

Apple had a contract with Cingular, so this makes the phone SIM-locked. Not sure about all countries though. But if that’s the case, you gotta purchase a local SIM card from the country you’re heading to. So the troublesome!

  • Not good for chor loh (clumsy) people like me

Have you seen the size of the touch screen? (3.5 inch widescreen-Refer to pic above) It’s gigantic!! So the bigger the screen, the higher the chances of it being scratched! Remember the Apple iPod Nano? Imagine if you’re wearing earrings…. -_-” But yeah, you can argue this by saying i can always use that plastic-y cover to protect the screen.

But make it look fugly only.

The bad aside, it has a 2MP camera, both video and music playbacks, and best of all, WI-FI.

Incase you’re interested, it retails at RM1799 for the 4GB, and RM2199 for the 8GB.

Thats like RM200 cheaper than my orange baby when i first got it. And only RM100 more expensive than my orange baby for the 8GB!! Yes, yes, i got my w800i when it just came out..for freaking RM1999. :S

Oh wells.

Choosing a perfect phone will never happen. Each and everyone of them has it’s pros and cons. But depending on your likings, preference and usage, you just gotta find one which has the disadvantages you can live with.

Problem is, i havn’t found one yet!

Is it just me or am i being really fussy?

Note: Regarding the previous entry, thank you all for the heart warming messages and inspiring quotes you left me. I heart you all 😀


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