Practice Makes Perfect

I’ve been rather busy these days and therefore will resume ‘normal’ blogging after next week. For now, make do with my boring about life entries 😀  

The past 2 weeks have been spent bonding with my hubby viola. Wedding performances and concerts coming up…it feels like the old days again.

Except i’m so so so sick of practices now. I used to look forward to these kind of things, but with my days left in Kuching being numbered (15 days to be exact), i feel like these practices are taking up too much of my time.

IMH practices are the more fun ones, except I’ve been having nightmares and illusions of horses running and mountains opening up every now and then. You see, the song we’re performing is the OST from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. So the way we play it has to portray the riders actually finding the lost ark when it reaches the climax of the piece. So the conductress has been drilling us into imagining it. Now i’m seeing horses everywhere. Sighs.


Then on the 26th, there’s this wedding… just one night before the IMH concert. Some guy is gonna be singing and we’re supposed to accompany him. The songs are just so dead boring! Somebody, help me!

Anyways, we had practice today from 10-12pm, and after that a bunch of us went for lunch. Then proceeded to catch a movie and the only movie showing at that time was Pathfinder. The rest was either too late or seen already.

Oh gosh…don’t ever watch that movie!!! It was so freaking boring. A 1 hour 45 minutes movie which felt like 3 hours!! The whole movie has very few dialogues, and plentyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy of fighting/action scenes. But it’s very redundantly filmed. What’s more, theres no eye candies in the movie. Hehe.

I was sitting between Kathy and Ben. One kept yawning and the other was like so still and bored. Lol! I myself nearly dozed off a couple of times.

Such a waste of RM9!

Sighs. Again.

Orchestra practice tomorrow from 4-6pm again. Ben and I plans to catch Death Note 2 but the showing times don’t seem to fit. Sighs!


17 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Heeyyy..
    OMG.. is it really that bad? luckily I havent watched the movie yet..had several invitations oledy !! Garrhh.. since its that bad, i think i will just save the 9 bucks for better movies… or a cup of latte !!

  2. Haha..yes it is! Ask Ben lol. Ok maybe my sleepiness that day added to it. But it just wasn’t my cuppa tea. hehe. Yes yes, save it and lets go coffee-ing haha!

  3. Its nice to be able to play for the public like what you’re doing, let alone play anything at all. Sadly, i have got no musical talents at all. And i think i’m tone deaf!

  4. nolar… i was surprised to see it out so soon. will be back on the 1st. why ah? i want my laksa… but by the time i arrive maybe we can go have lunch eat tukapeng?

  5. sanoli: Haha! I’m sure you’re good at other things which im horrible at 😛

    d3vil: more week. If you come and eat, the laksa sure not nice one. haahaha!! so poor thing. Then tukapeng also finish liaw 😛 What time u arriving? Sneak pudgy into the plane wakakaa

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