Damsel in Distress

With a little less than 2 weeks before i leave Cat City to go to Perth, things are still in a mess.

I feel…


I havn’t found a place to stay yet, but i know who i’ll be staying with. 3 other Kuching-kias… Brandon, Charles and Madeleine.

So now we’re thinking of maybe staying at the Student Village for 1 semester and then move out after we’ve found a vacant house.

But the problem is Student Village Internet access is like so darn ex! I cannot live like that lah, no series, no late night chats, how to survive you tell me?

So if thats really the case, i’ll go stay where i initially planned to. With this renowned Salsa dancer (who is also a musician) and his son who’s the same age as I am and also studying at Murdoch. Then maybe after 6 months i’ll move out and bunk with the other 3.

But very the mafan right?

And i havn’t recieved word about my Visa yet. No doubt it’s ony been less than a week since i applied for it.

Oh, my luggage is definitely overweight :S

Anyways, if you wanna know, i’ll be leaving on the 5th of February, 9pm flight to Perth via Singapore. I think my fight from Singapore to Perth is around 1am. Oh, i’ll also be on the same flight as Lionel the Lamomok.

*counts fingers*

Only 12 days to go!

Okay, Perth issues aside…if i bond with my viola anymore, we’ll be chemically infused together as one. The SONS and IMH practices ALWAYS ALWAYS clash with one another. Every year, so deja vu.

And to those i owe a yum cha or coffee-ing session with…haha, wait a bit lah k? (=


Back to reality…


14 thoughts on “Damsel in Distress

  1. What about cakes? You didn’t mention CAKES! heh.

    Madeleine? Is that the Madeleine I know? Well, there’s only one Madeleine spelt that way. Didn’t know she’s going to Murdoch as well :S

    *reads again*

    Brandon? That the same Brandon? LOL. Perth is too small indeed.

    Looks like you DID update this week 🙂 I’m only doing my appointment for my visa today. Just spoke to the operator, who didn’t help much cause I haven’t done my medical examination. Bah, now I’m in distress 😦 All the best to you!

  2. Heeeyyy…
    About the accomodation, I do think that staying in hostel is crappy, especially when it comes to internet and all, but hey, if you seriously cant find any place at all soon, do look me up, i will try some of my contacts there and see if anything good happens. NO worries, no trouble at all.
    Luggage overweight, is such a normal thing, ahahahahaa… but do bear in mind that you can find many things in Perth, and many of them are reasonably priced, so don’t overburden yourself ya?

  3. Ray: Heh. Yeah it is the Madeleine and Brandon you know. Kuching’s pretty small, and so is Perth..in a way. Anyways, thanks and same to u too!

    Robin: hahaa…thanksss. i will i will. just hope that we’ll be able to confirm a place soon hehe. And yeah, the overweight part cant be helped. and this is when im not bringing a lot of stuff over. yet. 😛

  4. Dear DiD,

    First of all, nobody will leave you by the streets i’m very sure of that.

    2, Did you know i’ll be going to Perth on the 2nd of Feb till 20th Feb? 😛 Meaning i won’t be able to see you off, but i’ll see you ‘on’ at the Perth Airport wahaha!

    3, Yes you absolutly cannot get a place w/o internet. Knowing you, you won’t survive half a day. Then you will have nobody to bitch to about your day or peope *ahems*, and vice versa for me.

    4, Overweight luggage is SO common for you. I’m also betting 1000 pounds you’re lugging your viola wit you to Perth. hahahahahahhhah!

    5, You still owe me a coffee-ing session!!!!

    Lastly, im gonna catch u at the concert! Try spotting me while you’re up on stage~~ 😛

  5. oh… they know you sooo sooo well.

    1. when is mr.trees coming? collecting dust now.
    2. what about your books? collecting dust now too.
    3. this weekend is dhks warehouse sales! can u imaging 3 packs of LAys for 10 bucks only?! oh… i’m soooo gonna go sapu 1 carton!
    4. this weekend i’m going genting to watch boyz II men with some ole sch mates hahaha sigh. so the very child of the 90sss
    5. pudgy says hi. took her for a walk today and some ahmah down the other end of the street “uncharted territory” gossiping about pudgy as if i’m not even there! she said bla bla dog very nice. bla bla got grooming one *smirk* bla bla see hair know got maintenance one *bigheaded* bla bla “si fat” bla bla (translate to kachng something in cantonese… the rest i dun understand) *SWEAT, quick quick walk away!!* sigh… so foul.

  6. i typed my replies so many times but it seems to be disappearing after i submit it :S

    and all ur comments macam essay!!! o.O

    ok i break into 2.

    Dear bluey,

    #1 I hope soooo!! Or i will go stay by Swan River with the gulls and swan. tsk tsk

    #2 Yay yay yay!! OMG i din know u are!! Never tell me geh!

    #3 Hahah u know me well eh?? so err touched? lol

    #4 Dont say me till like lahhh hahaha and yes, my hubby is going to follow me wherever i go~

    #5 I know i know! Maybe after Sat? You name place and time and i’ll be there hehehe

    #6 Dont memalufy me or make me laugh!! 😀 Btw, we got no place to be at after the concert u tau? blardy hell, mine is item number 4 somemore. long long way to go after that. Cannot go home because one more grand finale. WTF lah. Lepak down there. haha.

  7. okay this one to hamtaro the d3vil


    #1 Mr trees is going to call u after u go back to kl. he asked for ur number dy

    #2 The books are a bit useless to me so they can collect dust for another 3 years HAHAHA!!!!!!!

    #3 You sapu? Sapu ur head ah. Must sapu for me. Dont forget u coming back next weekend. Otherwise no laksa/tukapng for u hehehe

    #4 OMG Not bad wad!! Boy banddddddd 😛 Get pics and autograph for me. Go hiaw one of them and marry him. Lols The i can proudly say one of the boyz 2 men dude is my bro in law.

    #5 Pudgy the pudding so famous geh? Ah mah bah..wad to do? wtf la, i cannot stand tis type of aunty aunty haha. some la. not all.

  8. san!!y cant u wait just a few more days to leave?!?!?!im goin home on d 9th!!argh!!i wont b able 2c carolyn either….sighhhhhhhhh….no1 2supply me wif FREE series anymore 😦 +no1 2 laugh at *scratch* (hopefully u noe who ;)) wif me anymore………..sigh

  9. d3vil: says tatarooo

    eva: EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. OMG! u coming back 9th? sobs sobs. yeah, carolyn leaving 3rd. hehe. back for cny??

    now ben addicted to greys too! lol. im supplying him with greys u can get from him (=

    is *scratch* coming back too? gasps! im gonna misssshhh uuuuuuu. :S cyaz at the end of the year )=

    p/s mr leong misses u. WAKAKA. but i think no sons, break for 2 weeks. haha.

  10. yeah back for cny!!*gasps* greys??argh…im soo deprived here!not sure bout ur darling *scratch*hehe…no SONS?i was planning on goin…sighhss im gona miss U too….
    btw, mr leong doesnt miss me.he misses all his SLAVES!! 😉

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