Mr Ho’s Fine Foods

I’m sure most of you know that Crown Tower has gone through some major renovations and it’s almost done.

Well, one of the newest addition is Mr Ho’s Fine Foods, one which is familiar to most KL-ites. However, having stayed in KL for a year, i’ve never actually been to Mr Ho’s. If you’re in KL, you can find them at Midvalley(Lower Ground Floor) and also at BSC(Ground Floor).

So yesterday, Pops, Mops and I dropped by for a really late lunch/really early dinner tea time at about 3pm. The place was packed and we had to share tables with a couple.

The concept is similar to the outlets in KL, you can see how it’s like from their website. Part of the place is located for selling gourmet products. Then they have a row of tables near the window for dining in(very obvious from the parking lot). However, i don’t quite recommend you to go during the noon. Having no curtains or whatever, the place is practically an oven to dine at. Direct sunshine to your back if you’re the unlucky one sitting next to the window.

Please squint to see prices 😛

Anyways, we ordered their one of their specialities; Crispy Roast Pork Knuckle for 1 and also a slice of Coffee Cheesecake to share.

Crispy Roast Pork Knuckle for one (RM28.90)

They also have it whole (minimum 2 person consumption) priced at RM 45.90.

Coffee Cheesecake (RM7)

You can also buy it whole for RM65. It’s safer to pre-order though.

The verdict?

The Pork Knuckle was a total let down. It was over done, and very dry. No doubt the skin was crispy, but other than that, it wasn’t flavorful at all. The meat was rock hard and tasteless.

If you fancy Crispy Pork Knuckle, go try the one at Ihaw-Ihaw at Padungan. It’s somewhere opposite Bing! so it’s quite easy to find it.

Ihaw-Ihaw’s Crispy Pork Knuckle.

Only RM38 for a freaking big plate. Whole knuckle. It’s actually enough for a carnivorous family of 4, or a not-so-carnivorous family of 6. (= And it’s so much better. Original from the Philipines. And terrific service.


The coffee cheesecake wasn’t so bad. You could taste the coffee ooomphh. And it wasn’t so sweet.

Well, i don’t think i’ll be going back there.

Because the service absolutely sucks!!

When we asked for dessert fork/spoon to eat the cake with, they pointed at the huge gigantic fork on the table.

Guna itulah.” (Use that lah!)


The fork is those you use for your steak. Or even larger! I can seriously kill somebody with it. Excuse you, nobody uses that fork to eat cake with okay?

And we finished the cake while waiting for the pork. So the opposite!

Then they didn’t have the courtesy to inform that they ran out of mashed potatoes and substituted it with french fries instead.

Then they all serve with long black faces. And practically every table there that day had something to complain to the staff about.

Okay lah, shit happens when you’re running a restaurant. But still! Or maybe that afternoon happened to be a bad day for them.

No no. I’ll be spending my money elsewhere instead.

Oh, yah. It’s pretty expensive too. By Kuching standards i mean.

You can go try for yourself and tell me about it. Maybe you’ll have a totally different dining experience that I had. (=


8 thoughts on “Mr Ho’s Fine Foods

  1. When we asked for dessert fork/spoon to eat the cake with, they pointed at the huge gigantic fork on the table.

    “Guna itulah.” (Use that lah!)

    That would be enough for me to explode. Ugh, talk about bad customer service, I’ve experienced quite a few in my one month trip.

  2. y no concert blog?? kekee. i saw u!! u were sitting right in front somemore, gayanya! but couldnt find u after the concert though. 😐

    and yes, mr ho’s sux imho. but the sandwiches arent too bad.

  3. so know u know why i never brought u to uncle ho’s??? isk isk isk

    btw, i also think u ordered the wrong thing. they are not famous for the knuckle but their siew yuk. crispy pork belly….

  4. Ray: Yeah, the whole purpose of undergoing training is so useless..

    bluey: will have! tomorrow i tihnk. hehe, i was one of the last to leave leh.. (= i thought i saw u..wearing dark blue long sleeves?

    d3vil: of their specialities bah. even their menu oso knuckle. besides, the siew yuk that day dun look good oso )= oh really? i dont know bout that…

  5. Aiyeerrr… look at the pricing… so very the expensive !!!!
    Considering how expensive it is, they should have offered better service, with plenty of fake fake smiles. Oh well, the land of Kuching will always have its uniqueness, eh?

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