Love and Joy through Music and Dance

It’s all over!

No more concerts, weddings, or any performances of any sort. And i forsee it to be this way for the next three years! Unless Lionel and i go street busking in Perth…hrmm… πŸ˜›

Anyways, like almost all events i reviewed on, it’s going to be from behind-the-scenes view because i didn’t get to watch most of it.

And also, all of the photos are taken from other people because i did not take a single shot at all that night. Therefore, thanks Connie, Kathy and Soon Ping!!

The ticket says it all. A charity concert jointly organised by Lions Club of Kuching Ixora and International Music House(IMH) featuring the renowned ballet troop from Manila.

It was a night of music and dancesΒ from all walks of life; classical to movie soundtracks to ballet to salsa…practically very rojak lah.

So, the concert was scheduled to start at 6.30pm, and we were supposed to be there at 5pm. Goodness knows for what. So we stood around the corridors outside the theatre from 5pm and waited till almost 7pm for our turn.

So long okay?? It was hot and tiring.

As usual, everybody started camwhoring. What else right? Okay, maybe while we were camwhoring, the ballerinas from Manila were warming up lah. πŸ˜›

What better place to warm up and stretch than the corridors.

Fantastic 4 – Kathy, Ben, Michelle, Chung Yi

The 3 musketeers – Wendy, Kathy, Michelle

Kathy retouching her make up. “Do i have panda eyes?? Do I? Do I” πŸ˜€

Then finally, it was our turn.

IMH Symphony Orchestra. Spot me in this freaking dark picture πŸ˜€

HLs singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

David was one of the lead singer and he did indeed impressed the crowd with a bang! because his mic dropped halfway. Lol.

Okay…coming up, lots and lots of ballerinas in tutus. πŸ˜€

If one trips, the rest will go merrily go tumbling down too πŸ˜€

Somebody mentioned after the concert, i quote and unquote…

“You see the ballerinas on stage so graceful and light! But when backstage, they run about…BOOM BOOM BOOM! Just like badak sumbu like that!”Β (Badak sumbu is Malay for hippo)

Then since it was a night of cultural exchange, the HLs from IMH did their ethnic presentation(Ethnica) too. I don’t know why but i always find it amusing to watch them. Lol!!

Sze Chau aiming for the balloons

After endless spins and jumps and more spins(seriously a hell lot of ballet), the concert finally came to an end at about 11pm i think. Then there was the Grand Finale in which we had to walk down the aisle playing Rasa Sayang. It was soooo memalufying cuz i was kind of like right in front (2nd to be exact) and since i didn’t turn up for the full dress rehearsal, i was playing it from hearing. Gosh! Not that bad, but very the memalufying.

Grand Finale

We were ecstatic that it ended! But we had to stand on stage and be photographed for like 15 minutes? It was sooo tiring! The spotlights were sooo bright and hot. And camera lights were flickering from every direction and we decided to just look at the center of the theatre. Haha! And everyone had a smile plastered on their face but it got soo tiring that we just walked away after a while. I pity models or superstars…. πŸ˜›

Okay, theres a lot more than to what meets the eye…but i can’t possibly post all the pics up (= I’m sure if you google the concert, you’ll be able to find something from other bloggers. Hehe!

Well, it was a memorable night and all.

In addition, it was going to be the last time I’m gonna be seeing most of the folks in a very very long time.

But wearing heels for 7 and a half hours kinda killed my feet. Didn’t come home straight, and when i eventually got home, i was super duper exhausted that i slept at about 2am! Considered veryyy early for me. Heh.

Anyways, thanks guys for all the support and all! Was nice seeing familiar faces there!! hehe I’m so gonna miss you all *sobs*


6 thoughts on “Love and Joy through Music and Dance

  1. so proud of you sandy! lol“` my sis telling me “your friend playing first desk so good!” so that’s how i know you’re so good! haha. dumb dumb me.

    i couldnt catch you after leeh, perhaps you were at the back or something. wanted to snap pics with you and your nice hairdo and all. 😦 mabe on wednesday? kehkehkeh!

    and yesh, we were a lil ballet ODed. thank gawd for all the others non ballet stuff but they were good tho!!

  2. OMG! i havn’t edited the post yet you commented dy. haha!

    thanks bluey! lol. no lah. not that good haha. btw, i was so shocked that u knew how to differentiate between violin and viola..then i realised theres the prog book. lolss!!

    and yeahh didnt see u sobss. hairdo? so fugly leh..was so messy after haha. wed? sure sure. what time again?

    oh i was ODed too. i was yawning away till the coconut song came about. so frigging cute! hehe.

    anyways thanks dude!!! but so memalufying u came up to take pics. haha!

  3. whoahhh.. the whole thing looks really, really grand !! Darn, if only I was not cashless, I would have been there !!! Garrhhhh…. I hate being cashless…

  4. Eh bluey!!! Crappiness! i forgot lah wed got something on. unless make it earlier in the evening? and i don’t know what time im supposed to be there yet :S

    Robin: Lol!! Its okay really haha. Theres always a next time!! Lol! Btw, did u notice the ticket there is unteared? haha It was a spare ticket..totally unused πŸ˜›

  5. hey Sandra! The concert looks really good! Is ballet a culture there? Over here, its so common to the extend you can’t be overdosed anymore =)

    You’re leaving to Perth soon, right? All the best, girl!

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