The Second Weekend

Life in Perth is so similar to Kuching but also different in every possible way. Unexplainable.

We went to Lionel’s place last night to celebrate Jasmine’s(for the sake of Lodgians reading this, she is also Fabian’s gf) birthday. It’s a nice place and all, right smack in the city, just opposite Hyatt.

By the poolside

A night of getting to know new people, more pool games, ‘running into glass doors’ and lots of laughter.

Very very blur pictures from the party…

The girl wearing black, first from the left is the birthday girl

Birthday girl’s birthday cake at the birthday party (=

Goofing around

Unwrapping presents

The party aside, today was cleaning-the-house day. And also laundry day lah.

Brandon and Charles…househusbands? 😀

And at any random time of any random day, there’s the conversation between someone in the house with another person.

For example,

Someone: Is my hair nice or not? *stares at the mirror*
Random victim: Yes yes…
Someone: Are you sure?
Random victim: …


Someone: Aiyaa my hair not nice anymore!
Random victim: Don’t need style lah. Is nice already!
Someone: …
Random victim: You’re going to church only what.
Someone: But got hot chicks! *goes to style his hair*

And when that someone doesn’t listen and goes to style his hair, he ends up looking like a dinosaur wih porcupine head. And as a result…

Easier way to wash your hair without taking your clothes off all over again

Seriously, -_-“””””””

That someone is also the person who takes half an hour to shower. Reason? “Because it’s so cold and the hot water is so nice. So i just stand there and let the water run.”

Oh. He is also that someone who got himself an AUD800 Nissan Pulsar. A 1984 car mind you. And no doubt he is also the same person whose car always stalls while driving. LOL.

No prizes for guessing who he is 😛


I’ve gotten my 3 plan already. And with it came…

Nokia 6288

Not a bad phone. It’s a slide phone, with 2.0MP. But compared to my orange baby, i think my orange baby’s better in snapping shots 😀 I got the black one though.

It also came with a free bluetooth headset worth AUD99 in which i got pink. (=

I was deciding between this phone and the Nokia N73 but i ended up with this because they didn’t have the mocha coloured N73. They only had it in plum(red) which looked so much like my orange baby now. And also, i wanted something different from my orange baby so hence the sliding phone.

And because i need a printer for my uni stuff, i went and bought a multifunction printer(Canon, includes scanner and photocopier) last week. Met up with Joey to buy it(actually cause there is no way i can lug that thing back home by myself hehe). And who knows, on that very same day, Madeleine and Charles went and bought one too. Haha!

So now we have two printers at home. One multifunction printer and one laser printer.

Sighs. One week of uni down. Second week to start tomorrow :S


What’s For Supper?

Not exactly supper. More like dinner.

We’ve been having weird dinners lately. Odd hours. Odd meals.

My waffle with chocolate mint ice-cream @ Gelare

Brandon’s waffle with chocolate ice-cream, whipped cream and syrup… also @ Gelare

Fish fingers (=

That’s what you call culinary art *ahem* lols

Chicken nuggets

Pancakes with Raspberry Ripple Ice-cream and Maltesers

See? More like supper and dessert eh?

It’s like we get home and can’t be arsed enough to cook a decent meal.

“Oh! Forgot to defrost the meat so cannot cook.”
“What to cook tonight hor? Nevermind lah, eat mee goreng.”

But there’s the occasional meals every now and then of pasta and fried rice. Hehe.

Well, that’s life at our place here.


I went to uni today and finally got everything done! Did my student ID, SmartRider and joined the Student Guild. Still can’t find anyone to help me with my Lite problem. So till then, I can’t do it yet. *sighs* Then went to enquire about my Debit Card again at BankWest and they said there’s some hold up. So that’s that. But yay! At least some things are off the hook now.

And yes, i shot another picture of the roses outside as I was walking back. Nothing better to do (=

You treat me like a rose
You give me room to grow
You shone the light of love on me
And gave me air so I can breathe
You open doors that close
In a world where anything goes
You give me strength so I stand tall
Just like a rose…

And also, remember my in-grown toe nail 2 years ago? I ter-kicked it against the table when i was typing this entry and it’s bleeding non-stop now. Ouch.

Blardy Asians

Everyday when we walk out of the house, there’s this bed of roses at the side greeting us. Especially when you’ve got 8.30am classes *ahem* and you need to catch the 7.50am bus, you kind of rush out half awake and all but some how you always seem to notice the roses.

I’ve been telling myself to get a shot of them since Day 1 and i finally did it today. Not a big deal actually. It’s just that… you know how sometimes the feeling of completing something you’ve been wanting to do gives you this sense of satisfaction? Well, yeah. I needed to feel that today.

Anyways, 2nd day of Uni today.

Day 1 was horrible. So horrible, terrible, vegetable.

Day 2 was good. Great infact.

You see, the timetable I put up in the previous entry consisted of lectures only. So besides lectures, we have tutorials(tuts) and labs too.

So on Monday, lecture for Age of Information was supposed to end at 10.30am right? Then tutorial 1 at 10.45am – 12.35pm and tutorial 2 at 1.20pm – 3.10pm, depending on which tutorial group you’re in. Thank God I’m in the first tutorial so i don’t have lotsa time to kill in between (=

Anyhoo. The lecturer who looked so much like Russel Peters(i kid you not), his name is Rammesh Jacobs by the way, decided to postpone the lecture later AFTER the tutorial. Which meant 3.30pm – 4.30pm. And no, he didn’t let us out because it wasn’t working. Instead, he decided to repeat all he’ve said for the late comers. SO freaking boring i tell you. Everyone looked…stoned.

Punani ah…

So being all prepared to end class at 10.30am, we ended at 4.30pm instead. Then Kai and I waited for Charles since he ends class at 5.30pm(it’s only 1 hr later). And then Kai went home to open the door for some friends then Charles and I waited for Madeleine since she ends at 6.30pm(what’s another hour?)

And today was Intro to Multimedia & the Internet. Hehe. Super duper cool. And assignments and exams for this unit is to create home pages, blogs, and others 😀 Finished at 10am today and while walking to the bus stop I met Joey. He insisted that i dont take the bus because it’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to meet him when he dont stink of horses and cows(he’s doing 2nd year vet). We grabbed lunch on the way home and managed to catch up on each others life a little. Hehe, thanks J!

Oh, we watched Ghost Rider today. Not as good as I expected it to be. But it was okay :S

By the way, this post has got nothing to do with the title. It’s an inside thing. But I’m sure you guys in Australia will know the gist of it. (=

The New Year

First off, Happy Chinese New Year to all! May the year of the boar bring you good health, prosperity and happiness! (=

So, how did you guys celebrate your reunion dinner/tuan yuan fan? Or more like how was your New Year’s Eve?

Chinese New Year in Perth is like any ordinary day. It’s so saddening I tell you.

You know how you hate those alarming sounds of firecrackers especially at those ungodly hour? Well, when you don’t hear them anymore, you actually begin to miss it. :S

I actually managed to hear firecrackers from Kenyalang and Genting through the phone. Lol. Thanks to technology… (=

Anyways, my housemates and I decided to do a little ‘reunion dinner’ ourselves. Just 4 of us (Brandon, Charles, Madeleine and myself…Kai had dinner elsewhere).

So what did we cook?


Okay, it wasnt literally steamboat because we didn’t have the steamboat thingy and all, so it was basically Tom Yum soup with lots of crap in it.

Crab sticks and fish cakes

Sotong balls and another kind of fish cake

Vegetables, noodles, and Japanese egg beancurd

I forgotten to take a picture of the chicken hehe…

Anyways, we over estimated our capability and ended up with…

Enough to feed 8…

But there’s the guys. So what’s left was just a small bowl of leftovers. Not bad eh?

We initially planned on having desserts(pancake with ice-cream and strawberries :P) but we were like bloated after that.

That’s not all though. What’s a celebration without alcohol?

Kristov’s Vodka Cruiser – cool lime and passionfruit

Canadian Club Cola

VDL’s Vodka – pineapple crush

My take? The Canadian Club tastes and smells like those traditional urut medicine. 😀 All the vodka is good though. Hehe.

Still lots of leftover alcohol for tonight. Lol. Having steaks tonight. Anybody? ;p

Cheers, people!

p/s No where to visit this year, so we’re visiting each other’s room. Tell me it can’t get anymore pathetic than this. Lol!


So orientation was today.

It was disastrously fun.


There were so many mix ups leading to the fact that we MIT students can’t get our student IDs yet(which leads to the fact that i can’t get my post paid 3 plan) and everything was so back logged. :S

But meeting new people is always fun. 😀

I was so curious to see who else was on the same boat, and found out that most UniDip Mass Comm students were guys. Haha! But they were nice people and all, so i’m happy. Classes are kind of small, but the lecturers sounds promising and cool. So yeah. That’s that.

Oh guess what!

I have a suber uber cool timetable.

Monday – Age of Information (8:30am – 10:30am)
Tuesday – Intro to Multimedia & Internet (8:30am – 11:30am)
Friday – Principles of Marketing (8:30am – 12:30am)

And that’s it!

I have Wednesday and Thursday’s free PLUS every afternoon off!

But I have absolutely no idea why I’m taking Principles of Marketing :S

Had a one-on-one session with the Academic Counsellor today, and she says its a good step towards Mass Comm. Especially if i have no idea what i’m gonna major in yet. Probably not Mass Comm, maybe Media instead. Haha! Or maybe do a double BMM – Bachelors of Marketing & Media… (more dilemmas).

Oh, the tour around the Media building was cool too. The broadcasting studios and radio stations was so cool. Haha. I sound so suaku. Can’t wait till 2nd year when we have hands on and all 😀 Imagine photography, broadcasting and all instead of learning bio, chemistry, statistics and whatever else(no offense people…peace yo!)

Somebody slap me, but i don’t feel like i’m in uni.

And imagine, during my 3rd trimester, i only have 2 units.

*grins happily*

I Hate. I Dislike. I Loathe.

I’m Elmo without the L.

I just realised something on Monday.

Truth be told, it dawned upon me like waves hitting the beach. I told you i’m emo.

Want the story?

On Monday when Brandon and Charles had their orientation, Kai and I decided to tag along(to familiarise ourselves with the bus routes) and we ended up waiting for them to finish their orientation. So so so, we were roaming about the university for four hours and we went to look at our semester trimester dates.


My course ends only in February, and 2nd year of uni commences a week after that.

How to go back home like that?


Because I wasn’t planning on returning home mid-year this year, now i won’t be going back at all till June 2008.

Then Nathan suggested that i go home mid-year this year instead and not go home end of the year.

But look at the dates again. The longest break is 15 days in which I have exams after.


And then last night Kathy tried to console me by saying, “It’s okay, we will meet up in Queensland next year.”

You see, they will be in Queensland(note: Dreamworld, Movieworld) and during the mid-year break we promised to go hiaw together because it’s a long long holiday.

But!! I will be going back mid-year next year instead. Which means i won’t be seeing them for 2 years.

TWO years!

And i won’t see Cat City for 1 and a half years.

*scurries off*