Still Alive

Been quite a while since a last updated eh? ;p Short update ahead…

Anyways, my days hours in Kuching is seriously numbered, and it’s more like i don’t have days anymore. hehe. Will be leaving tomorrow(!!)

Excited? Nervous? I don’t know. It’s a mixed feeling actually.

This will most probably be the last post in Kuching… (=

The past few days have been a blast. I don’t think I can remember everything in chronological order…

Tuesday night was spent hanging out bluey, Nathan and Sean. And if this was a night of my blog readers, Wednesday was a night of bloggers. 😛

On Wednesday there was another bloggers meet(Robin has already blogged about it :D). And in alphabetical order, the people that went:- Allen, Ben, Frank, Kenneth, Oscar and Robin. And at the same time, I met Andrew, Bernie, Caleb and John there too!

Then on Thursday Hamtaro the d3vil came back, on Friday there was Death Note 2 with Ben and Hamtaro. Caught a midnight show so before that was a Bing! session.

What’s wrong with this movie poster? 😀

In between all that, I managed to slot in a hair cut, last minute packing, a bit of shopping, lots of yum-cha sessions, indulging in local delights for the last time, last SONS practice, last viola lesson, reunion dinners, and very very very early CNY dinners.

A few pictures taken from the dinners…

Yee Sang – a must have for CNY dinners

Cold Dish

Nestum King Sized Prawns

Soft-shell Crabs

And some the very famous Kuching local delights…

Tomato Crispy Mee at Fu Yu Cafe, Sekama

Kolo Mee at KY Cafe, Sekama

Eventful and fruitful week! 😀

Oh well, thanks guys for making my holiday back here a great great greaaat one!! I shall miss you all!!


p/s Perth, here I come!!


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