Watch Me Grow

I once looked like this…

and then I became like this.

But no, it wasn’t enough.

Still not long enough, they say.

At about 4 and a half months, this was what I looked like.

Still they told me everyday…”Faster grow. Long but not long, short but not short.”

I constantly ask myself, what thing’s long or short? I’m growing bigger and fatter day by day but what long or short?

Then finally one day, they told me “I think you’re almost ready. We can try.”

*Yelps* Ready for what? Try what?


Oh! They wanted to pull my front hair and put some string on it to make it stick up 90 degrees! *sobs*

And the very first time they tried, they used a fugly orange ribbon on me. I was so so sad. It made me look fugly too!

But still, my hair wasn’t long enough to keep the ribbon up for long. The shorter strands will fall. And so they kept trying.

At 6 months old…

Happy whoppee! I look so much better and cuter don’t you think?

Just like a Shih Tzu!

But that was 2 months ago!

What do I look like now??

Look like a bear!

I know i’m so adorable! *woof*

Doncha wish your doggy was hot like me? 😀

Compare my first picture taken with the more recent one. I’ve changed a lot havn’t I? But both cute too!

p/s Incase you boys and girls forgot my name, it’s Pudgy. P-U-D-G-Y. Look it up in the dictionary for it’s meaning. Ben ko ko forgot my name last time and call me Pudding! Until now the name still sticks. And when i went for boarding the other day, the aliens there also call me Pudgy Pudding and Pie! -_-‘” And then and then and then!! Nathan ko ko says I should be named Pudding because I look so delicious. Ahhhhh!

p/p/s This is a filler entry for jie jie only. Since she is so busy in Perth till cannot blog. I think she forgot about me already.  *whines*


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