I Hate. I Dislike. I Loathe.

I’m Elmo without the L.

I just realised something on Monday.

Truth be told, it dawned upon me like waves hitting the beach. I told you i’m emo.

Want the story?

On Monday when Brandon and Charles had their orientation, Kai and I decided to tag along(to familiarise ourselves with the bus routes) and we ended up waiting for them to finish their orientation. So so so, we were roaming about the university for four hours and we went to look at our semester trimester dates.


My course ends only in February, and 2nd year of uni commences a week after that.

How to go back home like that?


Because I wasn’t planning on returning home mid-year this year, now i won’t be going back at all till June 2008.

Then Nathan suggested that i go home mid-year this year instead and not go home end of the year.

But look at the dates again. The longest break is 15 days in which I have exams after.


And then last night Kathy tried to console me by saying, “It’s okay, we will meet up in Queensland next year.”

You see, they will be in Queensland(note: Dreamworld, Movieworld) and during the mid-year break we promised to go hiaw together because it’s a long long holiday.

But!! I will be going back mid-year next year instead. Which means i won’t be seeing them for 2 years.

TWO years!

And i won’t see Cat City for 1 and a half years.

*scurries off*



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