The New Year

First off, Happy Chinese New Year to all! May the year of the boar bring you good health, prosperity and happiness! (=

So, how did you guys celebrate your reunion dinner/tuan yuan fan? Or more like how was your New Year’s Eve?

Chinese New Year in Perth is like any ordinary day. It’s so saddening I tell you.

You know how you hate those alarming sounds of firecrackers especially at those ungodly hour? Well, when you don’t hear them anymore, you actually begin to miss it. :S

I actually managed to hear firecrackers from Kenyalang and Genting through the phone. Lol. Thanks to technology… (=

Anyways, my housemates and I decided to do a little ‘reunion dinner’ ourselves. Just 4 of us (Brandon, Charles, Madeleine and myself…Kai had dinner elsewhere).

So what did we cook?


Okay, it wasnt literally steamboat because we didn’t have the steamboat thingy and all, so it was basically Tom Yum soup with lots of crap in it.

Crab sticks and fish cakes

Sotong balls and another kind of fish cake

Vegetables, noodles, and Japanese egg beancurd

I forgotten to take a picture of the chicken hehe…

Anyways, we over estimated our capability and ended up with…

Enough to feed 8…

But there’s the guys. So what’s left was just a small bowl of leftovers. Not bad eh?

We initially planned on having desserts(pancake with ice-cream and strawberries :P) but we were like bloated after that.

That’s not all though. What’s a celebration without alcohol?

Kristov’s Vodka Cruiser – cool lime and passionfruit

Canadian Club Cola

VDL’s Vodka – pineapple crush

My take? The Canadian Club tastes and smells like those traditional urut medicine. 😀 All the vodka is good though. Hehe.

Still lots of leftover alcohol for tonight. Lol. Having steaks tonight. Anybody? ;p

Cheers, people!

p/s No where to visit this year, so we’re visiting each other’s room. Tell me it can’t get anymore pathetic than this. Lol!


9 thoughts on “The New Year

  1. Gong Xi Fatt Chai! Hong Pao Na Lai!

    Awww..its okay sandy. Looked like u guys had fun too tho! You didn’t miss much tho, it was raining cats dogs here`

  2. bluey: u finally used blueyy haha. the name sticks eh? 😛 Anyhoo…happy cny to u too!! u sposed to be giving me cuz ure older haha! and yeah..we had

    d3vil: oohhh u can still have steaks there bahh 😀 wads so funnyy??

  3. hei sandra.. long time dint contact each other rite?.. so.. Happy Chinese New year to you.. atleast you have fun with your frien during CNY eve rite?.. My tuan yuan fan is great.. But sadly i was non-stop eating n forgotten to take some pic for my own blog.. 😦

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