Blardy Asians

Everyday when we walk out of the house, there’s this bed of roses at the side greeting us. Especially when you’ve got 8.30am classes *ahem* and you need to catch the 7.50am bus, you kind of rush out half awake and all but some how you always seem to notice the roses.

I’ve been telling myself to get a shot of them since Day 1 and i finally did it today. Not a big deal actually. It’s just that… you know how sometimes the feeling of completing something you’ve been wanting to do gives you this sense of satisfaction? Well, yeah. I needed to feel that today.

Anyways, 2nd day of Uni today.

Day 1 was horrible. So horrible, terrible, vegetable.

Day 2 was good. Great infact.

You see, the timetable I put up in the previous entry consisted of lectures only. So besides lectures, we have tutorials(tuts) and labs too.

So on Monday, lecture for Age of Information was supposed to end at 10.30am right? Then tutorial 1 at 10.45am – 12.35pm and tutorial 2 at 1.20pm – 3.10pm, depending on which tutorial group you’re in. Thank God I’m in the first tutorial so i don’t have lotsa time to kill in between (=

Anyhoo. The lecturer who looked so much like Russel Peters(i kid you not), his name is Rammesh Jacobs by the way, decided to postpone the lecture later AFTER the tutorial. Which meant 3.30pm – 4.30pm. And no, he didn’t let us out because it wasn’t working. Instead, he decided to repeat all he’ve said for the late comers. SO freaking boring i tell you. Everyone looked…stoned.

Punani ah…

So being all prepared to end class at 10.30am, we ended at 4.30pm instead. Then Kai and I waited for Charles since he ends class at 5.30pm(it’s only 1 hr later). And then Kai went home to open the door for some friends then Charles and I waited for Madeleine since she ends at 6.30pm(what’s another hour?)

And today was Intro to Multimedia & the Internet. Hehe. Super duper cool. And assignments and exams for this unit is to create home pages, blogs, and others 😀 Finished at 10am today and while walking to the bus stop I met Joey. He insisted that i dont take the bus because it’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to meet him when he dont stink of horses and cows(he’s doing 2nd year vet). We grabbed lunch on the way home and managed to catch up on each others life a little. Hehe, thanks J!

Oh, we watched Ghost Rider today. Not as good as I expected it to be. But it was okay :S

By the way, this post has got nothing to do with the title. It’s an inside thing. But I’m sure you guys in Australia will know the gist of it. (=


7 thoughts on “Blardy Asians

  1. The pic of the rose real nice for a phone quality hee.

    Btw, J told me you ppl menggila-ed there.
    -.-“” Miss those times la, faster come back! We miss youuuuuuuuu

  2. nathan! haha yeah we did 😛 miss you peeps too la! see yaz prolly in a yr and a half :S sobs. And no, he is so not cool! hahaha. boringgggg )=

    how u there? and everyone else?

  3. boooooooooo back. haha. not bad la, great ppl and all. hehe. there no ha? or mebe ur standards too high? lol.

    aiii ppl come here study la hor, not to look at leng zais. *ahem* LOL

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