The Second Weekend

Life in Perth is so similar to Kuching but also different in every possible way. Unexplainable.

We went to Lionel’s place last night to celebrate Jasmine’s(for the sake of Lodgians reading this, she is also Fabian’s gf) birthday. It’s a nice place and all, right smack in the city, just opposite Hyatt.

By the poolside

A night of getting to know new people, more pool games, ‘running into glass doors’ and lots of laughter.

Very very blur pictures from the party…

The girl wearing black, first from the left is the birthday girl

Birthday girl’s birthday cake at the birthday party (=

Goofing around

Unwrapping presents

The party aside, today was cleaning-the-house day. And also laundry day lah.

Brandon and Charles…househusbands? 😀

And at any random time of any random day, there’s the conversation between someone in the house with another person.

For example,

Someone: Is my hair nice or not? *stares at the mirror*
Random victim: Yes yes…
Someone: Are you sure?
Random victim: …


Someone: Aiyaa my hair not nice anymore!
Random victim: Don’t need style lah. Is nice already!
Someone: …
Random victim: You’re going to church only what.
Someone: But got hot chicks! *goes to style his hair*

And when that someone doesn’t listen and goes to style his hair, he ends up looking like a dinosaur wih porcupine head. And as a result…

Easier way to wash your hair without taking your clothes off all over again

Seriously, -_-“””””””

That someone is also the person who takes half an hour to shower. Reason? “Because it’s so cold and the hot water is so nice. So i just stand there and let the water run.”

Oh. He is also that someone who got himself an AUD800 Nissan Pulsar. A 1984 car mind you. And no doubt he is also the same person whose car always stalls while driving. LOL.

No prizes for guessing who he is 😛


I’ve gotten my 3 plan already. And with it came…

Nokia 6288

Not a bad phone. It’s a slide phone, with 2.0MP. But compared to my orange baby, i think my orange baby’s better in snapping shots 😀 I got the black one though.

It also came with a free bluetooth headset worth AUD99 in which i got pink. (=

I was deciding between this phone and the Nokia N73 but i ended up with this because they didn’t have the mocha coloured N73. They only had it in plum(red) which looked so much like my orange baby now. And also, i wanted something different from my orange baby so hence the sliding phone.

And because i need a printer for my uni stuff, i went and bought a multifunction printer(Canon, includes scanner and photocopier) last week. Met up with Joey to buy it(actually cause there is no way i can lug that thing back home by myself hehe). And who knows, on that very same day, Madeleine and Charles went and bought one too. Haha!

So now we have two printers at home. One multifunction printer and one laser printer.

Sighs. One week of uni down. Second week to start tomorrow :S


10 thoughts on “The Second Weekend

  1. Walau my bro so kind one meh? He usually lazy like hell one tusk tusk. Must be good to u only. lol

    new toys eh? sandra is one happy girl liaw hehhh

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