Winter Came Early

A few weeks ago when summer was coming to an end and signs of autumn was showing, there was a few odd days when the temperature shot up to 47 degrees.

 The standing fan was carried out to the kitchen, Brandon moved out to the pool room to sleep right in front of the standing fan, and i moved out to the living room to sleep for the very same reason.

And there was one night where Charles, Kai, Madeleine and I went out to the garden to sit because it was just too hot.

But now, when it’s just the start of autumn and not even close to winter yet, it’s so freezing cold!

Sometimes 10 degrees at night.

Well, remember the doona i bought not long ago?

Mine’s a single bed. But if you notice, it’s queen size.

All the better to do this


Someone’s 19

Another of my housemate turns 19 today.

Miss Maud’s French Chocolate cake

But since it’s a Wednesday, we decided to throw him a surprise birthday party last Saturday.

You know how it is to throw a surprise party. You gotta make sure it all turns out well and that no one leaks anything. But if you’re throwing one with about 20 people, it’s kinda hard.

Surprisingly, it went quite well.

So here’s how to throw a surprise birthday bash.

Kelvin came over in the morning (like how he sometimes do on weekends) and both he and the birthday boy went out.

We then had time to go get the cake, drinks, etc etc and hid them when we came back.

Eugene and Shenton asked him if he wanted to go to Northbridge that night (nothing unusual).

To eliminate any suspicion of any party of sorts…that is if he had any.

Andrew came over with a reason to give me back my thumbdrive (quite true la this one).

He won’t be suspicious as of why so many people start turning up.

Monkey 😆

And then from that point on, everything went sooooooo smoothly. 😎

The birthday boy fell into a deep deep deep sleep at about 6pm! He was so tired that he fell asleep watching others play pool.


Then people started arriving (friends from Canning..Canningians? :D), and since his room is right at the back, it wasn’t much of a problem.

We lighted the cake…then brought it to his room and woke him up.

Of course, what’s a birthday without getting creamed?

Spot the cream on his face 😈

He woke up, scrolled through his phone calendar…because he thought he slept through 2 days right till his birthday! ROFLMAO.

Blowing out the candles…

Little did he know, 9 of the candles were the magic relighting candles! Haha. Poor cake so melted and so wet in the end cuz he had to use water to distinguish them.

The video is kind of incomplete cuz it was too long and i had to rotate the video so you won’t have to tilt your neck and sprain it 😀

The party kinda resulted in too much drinks and too little food :S At about 2am a bunch of us went and had supper (nasi lemak & teh tarik). So the Malaysian!

Well, Happy Birthday Brandon!

No more sleeping in lectures!! 😀

Have a great year ahead and enjoy your last year being a teen 🙂 Ancient already!

A to Z

Got tagged by the same person who tagged me for the last cheong hei meme. Bah!

Here goes nothing…

[A is for age] 19 – last teen year. Ancient!

[B is for booze of choice] Vodka Cruiser, Chopin, Irish Cream (Bailey’s coffee!!)

Bailey’s Coffee

[C is for career] Mass Communications related. Or music. Or both. Hopefully.

[D is for your most dreaded] Things that go bump in the night.  

[E is for essential item you use everyday] Toiletries, mobile phone, yada yada yada

[F is for favorite song at the moment] This is hard. The 2 OST from Music & Lyrics (Way Back Into Love & Don’t Write Me Off Just Yet), and also the 2 OST from Grey’s Anatomy (The Fray – How To Save A Life? & Ben Jelen – Come On),

[G is for favorite games] Errr…those cute reflex games downloaded off the internet. Like Paparazzi, Cake Mania.. haha. I’m lame.

[H is for hometown] Kuching… a place i dreadfully miss right now.

Cat City *meow*

No, we do not live on trees

[I is for indulgence] All the wants but not needs.

[J is for favorite flavor of juice] Mango? As long as it’s not tomato ^_^

[K is for kids] Cute! *pinch*

[L is for last hug] Those farewell hugs not too long ago.

[M is for years of marriage] Till death do us part.

[N is for name of your crush] …?

[O is for overnight hospital stays] Faster touch wood! But if i do decide to pull my whole ingrown toe nail out, that will be the night )=

[P is for phobias] *The walls are closing in!!!!* Yes, im claustrophobic. And also achluophobic (fear of darkness). My housemates can attest to that.

[Q is for quote] None which screams me. But I’d take this “A 1000 words won’t bring you back. Nor will a 1000 tears. I know, because i’ve tried.”

[R is for regret] For me to know for you to find out.

[S is for status, single or married] Currently online. Lol. Single la, doiks.

[T is for time you wake up] 7am on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Other days varies.

[U is for underwear] Something everyone has to wear everyday.

[V is for vegetables you love] Err, broccoli. Potatoes are veg too right? 😛 And sweet corn.

[W is for worst habit] Being always glued to the computer.

[X is for x-rays] Last one taken was in January this year.

[Y is for yummy food you make] Erm. I don’t know. Ask those i cook for (=

[Z is for zodiac sign] Power of the scales…Libra.

And because i have to tag…

I tag:-

Epicureanjourney for your first meme and to welcome you to the blogging world.

Ben the momokzai because you’ve probably been tagged already so you’re gonna have to do it anyway.

Flowers On Your Grave

21 years since you’ve been born into this life and exactly 2 months since you’ve left us.

A strange sort of day today. I kept at work, but it all feels thin and unreal. I’ve tried to keep busy and i’ve mostly succeeded. But it isn’t to be getting away from my feelings. I just seem to need to be moving all the time…

Everyone’s trying to move on but truth is, it’s just not the same anymore.

I had a dream about you last night.

Everyone was in it. Just like the old days.

You were laughing. Teasing. It all seemed surreal yet reassuring. Like you were up above looking down at us. Watching over us.

The aching chasm in our hearts will never close.

Friends forever, they say.

Perhaps I shall dream of you again soon and that we may embrace there at least.

Becoming Korean

Watched Winter Sonata?

Bae Yong Joon. Remember him?

Apparently, I’m staying with him.

And i didn’t know till yesterday night.

Charles thinks he’s Bae Yong Joon


 That’s my shades by the way. And he took like half an hour to look good for the photos. LOL.

Oh. He asked me to give out his e-mail address incase any leng loi wanna add him on MSN or e-mail him.

Yeah. So you can find the Asian Bae Yong Joon at

Here’s another one

Now, how many of you thinks they look alike? (Charles claims hes better looking…)


“How dare you! I look like him! Admit it!”

The Writings on the Wall


At home, you see them as vandalism.

But here, they’re simply art.

Respect to the bugs…(??)

One of the 9 planets…Mars?

And a stunning tongue twister…

The humpty knows w(h)ere the nose goes, when the doors close.

A whole string of words…

Cute alien!


Jar Jar Binks look alike

More UFOs


And the one which best describes them…


Eagle Dogs Pizza

I’m finally done with the powerpoint/slide for tomorrow’s oral presentation!!!



I don’t actually have THAT much to do. It’s a group thing. But yeah.

Shit happens when you have group work. And suddenly you’ve gotta do more than what you’re supposed to do. Ish! But if i don’t do it, then i’ll have to see the whole group go down the drain tomorrow… :S

Anyways, it was on Eagle Boys Pizza…and their marketing strategies and stuff. Advertisements…promotions…yada yada yada.

I’ve yet to try Eagle Boys but after doing this case study, i’m so sick of it already!!

So much pink!! (Their logo is pink…and it’s suppose to attract customers)

Kai went to take their 2 tiered box(their invention) and lots of flyers for show and tell tomorrow.

I was so bored and fed up with doing it that i decided to come up with my own advertisement!

*sniff sniff*

Smells good!

In the box i go…

Pizza-oh-pizza! I woof you!

And here i come…

To dig in!!

Eagle Dogs Boys Pizza. Absolutely woofilicious.

Kids will beg their parents to go get one. And of course their parents will give in because they themselves want some.

The perfect marketing strategy.